Dropping Everything to Go Away Without Permission

Last year a very dear family friend past away and though it was a sad time for us I was able to go home at the drop of a hat.

Earlier this year I also had a funeral to go to in another state and the same thing. I booked the flight and left. I didn’t have to check with someone to make sure I could get the time off.

I didn’t have to worry about the money for the tickets or food while I was there.

However it wasn’t always like this. It took time and work to get to this point.  Here are the contributing factors for me being able to just pick up and go with no notice. Continue reading “Dropping Everything to Go Away Without Permission”

I Want To Speak Now

I am a huge geek.  I watch geeky TV shows, movies, play geeky video games all of it.

I also run a business that has a blog, podcast, and Amazon FBA business.

I try to keep the activities and the business far apart from each other as most people don’t want to talk about Pokemon GO, Stargate, and the dividend yield of their portfolio all at the same time.

I’m not saying those people don’t exist they are just rare, but that’s ok.  Those are my people, you are my people. Continue reading “I Want To Speak Now”

What Working From Home Is “Really” Like

I spent 2 long years growing a business while working a regular job so that I would have control of my life, so that I could work from anywhere,  and any time.  I didn’t want to have to ask permission to do the things I want. Continue reading “What Working From Home Is “Really” Like”

5 Tips For Sticking To Your Budget

My next post is from Ashley with Budgets Made Easy. She was able to pay off $45,000 in 17 months. She now inspires people to budget and pay off their debt also. Continue reading “5 Tips For Sticking To Your Budget”

FinCon16 Story

2 years ago I was given a ticket to FinCon16 and it changed my life. I’ve explained several times how exactly that trip affected my life. What I haven’t ever publicly explained is what that trip cost me. Continue reading “FinCon16 Story”