How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs

With health insurance rising what seems like everyday, people are trying to cut costs as much as possible. Some costs cannot be changed, such as how much your doctor charges, how often you have to see the doctor, or the need to take prescription medication.

Working in a retail pharmacy for close to 8 years I have learned a few things about saving money on medicine, and will touch on 6 ways that you can save money, and 3 ways people think they will save money but actually wont. Continue reading “How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs”

Week In Review #2

Hello, and welcome to this weeks review. This is a truly enjoyable article to write each week because I think it’s important to follow as many personal finance blogs as possible in order to make informed decisions about your finances. Though personal finance bloggers are further down the road financially then others this doesn’t mean that you should follow every word they say, instead you should listen to many advisers, take in all the information and then make the best personal decision for you. Continue reading “Week In Review #2”

Get Physically and Financially Fit This Year

It’s the start of a new year and a time of reflection on what went right, what went wrong last year. We take this information and make plans for the new year, we call these resolutions. Two of the most common new years resolution are to change our finances in a positive way, and to lose weight. Most people put these in two different categories and say that you can’t get healthier and save money at the same time. I on the other hand say that if you do both together than it will make it much easier in the long run. Here are some of the ways that I have found to do this, and how I intend to continue this year to finally get both financially and physically fit. Continue reading “Get Physically and Financially Fit This Year”

Free Isn’t Always Free!

A few weeks ago my wife and I were offered a free king size bed. At first we were excited we have only had a queen size since we have been married. We never had a problem with it until about two years ago, when we went on vacation and the hotel we stayed at had a king size. Ever since it has been on our mind to get our own.

That being said when we were offered this free gift, we almost jumped on it immediately,after talking about it we decided to turn it down. Why you may ask, the answer is simple and yet complex. Continue reading “Free Isn’t Always Free!”

My Debt Repayment Plan

One of my goals for the blog to help me get out of debt. I’m using it as a way to “keep me honest” and on the right path. You are all my “accountability partners” as I don’t want to disappoint you.

So here are the step’s I’m actually taking to get out of debt, and I’m counting on all of you to keep me on this path, I need as many cheerleaders as possible.
Continue reading “My Debt Repayment Plan”