What Is My “Dream” Job

If you were to ask me what I want in life I would say I want to sleep in, eat amazing food, and read the best books. Maybe add a scotch every so often and it’s perfect.

That’s not really a “job” but it is my perfect day. Now when it comes to a job I like to work, I like having something to do everyday. So here are some “dream jobs” I would love to have regardless of money. Continue reading “What Is My “Dream” Job”

June Income Report

June 2017 Income Report

Every month I will be documenting my income from all of my side hustles. As I am just starting out some (more like all) of these amounts will be very little or even nothing. In full future me style¬†though I’m going to include things that I may not even be doing yet because I know that in the future these things will be bringing in an income. Continue reading “June Income Report”

The Current And Last Books I’m Reading

As has been mentioned many times this month I really really enjoy reading. I wake up listening to a book, usually pick up a book at some point in the day, and go to bed listening to a different book. Continue reading “The Current And Last Books I’m Reading”

How I Have Changed In The Last 2 Years

Change is a part of life, or so the saying goes. I am no stranger to change, moving from Maine to Florida, or leaving a steady 9 to 5 to be self-employed. But the last 2 years of my life have probably been the most changeful of my life. Continue reading “How I Have Changed In The Last 2 Years”

Why I Started Blogging

Blogging isn’t just something I do for fun, it’s crucial to my financial future. Not necessarily for my own site, but the blogging I do in my freelancing too. So why did I start blogging? To take advantage of my reader, I mean readers? Or something else?¬† Continue reading “Why I Started Blogging”