Are You Living Mindfully? With Cait Flanders 016

How many of us consume too much?

Do you eat too much, read too much, play too much, or do anything else too much? Even good things can become too much if we spend too much time on it.

Today’s guest has not only realized this but made massive changes in her life in order to live the life she wants.

Enjoy Cait Flanders from
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How To Raise Kids And Grow A Business Successfully – 015

When things get tough, the tough get going.

Today’s guest not only replaced her husband’s income when he lost his job, but she did so in a matter of days.

She now spends her time teaching her kids the importance of entrepreneurship and being true to themselves.

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How To Get Started Selling On Ebay – 014

I have successfully sold nearly $100,000 in inventory on Amazon, but I’ve made not 1 penny selling on eBay.

Today’s guest is the opposite, he has made a nice side hustle for himself selling on eBay and makes $400 or more each month working very little hours. Continue reading “How To Get Started Selling On Ebay – 014”

Beat The Bully Within – 013

How many times have you told yourself “I’m not good enough”, or “why would anyone listen to me?”.

That is your inner bully, and on today’s show we talk about how to push them aside, be a more positive person, and to live the life of your dreams. Continue reading “Beat The Bully Within – 013”

How I Actually Make Money – 012

Ever since I started this site I’ve been keeping track of my income.

I discuss each month the ways that I make money, but not exactly how each of those makes me money.

Whether it’s rideshare driving, affiliate income, sponsored posts, freelancing, Amazon FBA, or passive income I explain it all. Continue reading “How I Actually Make Money – 012”