My Favorite 5 Blogs

One of the things I’m really excited about when it comes to working for myself is being able to read more of my favorite blogs.

Though I can list 40 or 50 blogs I like, there are a few that I read every article that they write and you should too. Here they are. Continue reading “My Favorite 5 Blogs”

If I Won The Lottery…

Most people imagine what they would do if they came into a lot of money. Usually it’s if they win the lottery but it could be an inheritance, lawsuit, whatever. They will live on a beach, have a mansion, hire people to bring them everything, sounds terrible to me. Continue reading “If I Won The Lottery…”

31 Days Of Blogging Starts Now

I literally never thought this day would come. I planned and fantasized about working only for myself for years.. I mean YEARS and even though I had a business that was making money I still looked at it as a hobby and not something that would let me work for myself. Continue reading “31 Days Of Blogging Starts Now”

May Income Report

May 2017 Income Report

Every month I will be documenting my income from all of my side hustles. As I am just starting out some (more like all) of these amounts will be very little or even nothing. In full future me style¬†though I’m going to include things that I may not even be doing yet because I know that in the future these things will be bringing in an income. Continue reading “May Income Report”