Quarter 1 Health Update

Quarter 1: Health Update

A few months ago I announced I was finally going to work towards being my future healthy self.

I’ve spent that last 3 years working on my financial future self and I’m finally starting to reach many of those goals. Now, the time has come for me to get healthy and be not only the financially secure future me, but the healthy future me. Continue reading “Quarter 1 Health Update”

How I Actually Make Money – 012

Ever since I started this site I’ve been keeping track of my income.

I discuss each month the ways that I make money, but not exactly how each of those makes me money.

Whether it’s rideshare driving, affiliate income, sponsored posts, freelancing, Amazon FBA, or passive income I explain it all. Continue reading “How I Actually Make Money – 012”

A review of the First Quarter of 2018

Q1 Review

The end of quarter one for 2018 (Q1 from here on out) is coming to an end.

I spent a lot of time coming up with the ideas, concepts, and plans for Q1. I had projections on traffic and income for the months.

Even though I’ve done very well, I’m still far below where I want to be.

Let’s dive into Q1 Continue reading “A review of the First Quarter of 2018”

3 Easy Ways To Deal With Impostor Syndrome

34 Ways to Deal With Impostor Syndrome

I have no idea how to run a business. I cannot write, and I’m not good at marketing.

But, I have a successful business, have hundreds of examples of my writing, and am a marketer. Continue reading “3 Easy Ways To Deal With Impostor Syndrome”

The Complete Rideshare Guide – 011

Ever thought about driving for Lyft or Uber?

I get so many questions about it, but today’s guest is the expert when it comes to rideshare driving.

He literally wrote the book on it. Continue reading “The Complete Rideshare Guide – 011”