Is Rideshare Driving Safe?

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If you have ever thought about driving for Uber or Lyft, odds are that you have asked whether or not it’s safe, how much can you really make, and how flexible is it really?

After over a year of driving myself here is what I can tell you. Continue reading “Is Rideshare Driving Safe?”

I Don’t Need To Be Financially Independent, Just Location Independent

Most, if not everyone wants to be “financially independent”, especially if they are reading sites like this. But truth is I don’t really need to be financially independent, just location Independent. Continue reading “I Don’t Need To Be Financially Independent, Just Location Independent”

Financially Savvy Saturdays #180

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Feature of the Week

As this week’s visiting co-host, I got to select my favorite post from last week’s blog hop to be this week’s feature – Why Online Entrepreneurs Need a Plan B by Femme at Femme Frugality.

Click here to read her post!
Click here to read her post!

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Disease Called Debt

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January Income Report

Every month I will be documenting my income from all of my side hustles. As I am just starting out some (more like all) of these amounts will be very little or even nothing. In full future me style though I’m going to include things that I may not even be doing yet because I know that in the future these things will be bringing in an income. Continue reading “January Income Report”