My 100th Post And Lessons Learned

This is my 100th post, and I cannot believe the changes, and things I have learned. Here are some of the things I’ve learned in posting 100 times.

It’s Not Easy, It’s Scary

I don’t consider myself a good writer, I’m passable. It takes me a lot of time to write, edit, re write, start from scratch for the third time, and then finally post it. I never think my writing is good enough. I actually procrastinate writing an article because I know how much work I’ll have to put in to writing it.

Once the article is up I wait for people to tell me how terrible it is and how I should give up. It never happens but I wait for it just the same. The fact that I have my thoughts and feelings out there for anyone to read any time is terrifying. What if someone meets me, looks me up and thinks less of me because of what I’ve written? What if a client doesn’t want to work with me? What if I upset my wife?

Hard Work Doesn’t Mean You’ll Succeed

After putting in all the work needed to run a blog, writing every week (or everyday), there could be no one reading it. You have to grow social media, get people to like you, try to guest post, comment on other sites, become an influencer even if you’re a really small one. Grow an email list, also write to them.

After all the work that goes in you may not “succeed”. Now that depends on what you count as success, I personally feel I’ve succeeded because I do have articles that are ranking on google, I have people who know who I am, and people who reach out to me for help. The thing is that most of my work is seen on other sites, my personal site doesn’t have nearly the traffic that I want it to have.

More Than Writing

As a long time reader of financial blogs it seemed simple. You write an article, you post it, people read it, that’s it. Well I was wrong, I was very wrong. First, as already explained writing is more complicated than I thought it was. Second, running a site isn’t as easy as most people think it would be. I run this site on WordPress but I have to have a host, then I have to have plugins to make the site do what I want, then I have to customize the site.

The thing is I don’t know anything or at least I didn’t know anything before starting the site. And of course I didn’t have money to teach me how to do things, or have someone else do it, so I learned through reading and YouTube. Even still it takes me way longer to do things on the back end than most people.

Get Rich Slow, Very Slow

Whenever you read articles on ways to make extra money they all say start a blog. I’ve written a few that say the same thing, but it won’t make you money quick. I had my site for 6 months before I had any type of income from it, and another 6 months till the second one happened.

I have added ads to the site, as well as affiliate links, and I offer coaching. With all of those things in mind you would think I’m making a ton of money off my site, truth is this site is actually losing me money.

The cost of the hosting isn’t being covered by what the site makes, however I’m not going anywhere, if anything I’m going to crank up the amount of work to grow this site and maybe then I can start making money.

One Person Saying Something Nice Is All It Takes

Running a blog is a lot of long hours, hard work, and it feels like you’re doing it for no good reason. Then one person will email you, or comment, or run into you at a conference to tell you how much they love what you do.

At FinCon last year someone came up to me and told me they read everything I write, and all I could say was I’m sorry I don’t write more often. I felt no one was reading what I write so what was the point in writing more often. I’ve sense learned that is a terrible way to think and so I should be writing more often.

The Next 100 Posts

So far nothing about this blog has gone as planned. That being said I plan on posting once a week going forward. I have come up with the concept of having 4 posts a month, one would be my income reports. Then I plan on doing a saving, earning, living plan. So an article on how to save money, whether that’s a list of 100 ways to save money or a particular app or thing I’ve learned on how to save money. Another article will be about earning, whether it’s from finding a new job, starting a side hustle, a one off thing like a garage sale etc.

Finally, I want to have an article on lifestyle, whether that’s learning to live with less, being content with what you have, or making sure you’re living the way you want.

I also plan on having monthly “themes” so each article will be in that theme. So maybe I have an article on how to get in shape and save money, then an article on making money well getting in shape, then finally an article on how being in shape can benefit you in all areas of your life.

Win A Book

To celebrate this post I’m giving away a copy of Erin’s book Broke Millennial. Simply leave a comment about what your future self looks like and I’ll pick 2 at random to send a copy of the book to!!

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18 thoughts on “My 100th Post And Lessons Learned”

  1. I could totally relate to a lot of what you experienced. Blogging is definitely not easy. I’m pretty new too, and being consistent has been really hard for me. Keep up the good work!

  2. Blogging is SO slow and SO much hard work – beyond writing!! This is a great recap and a must-read post for everyone considering starting a blog. It’s so much work and definitely not get rich quick… but it can be incredibly rewarding and open you up to more opportunities beyond blogging 🙂

    In 2 years, I see the future me as a super successful blogger living and traveling whenever, where ever I want! 🙂

  3. My future self is out of consumer debt and focusing on our mortgage!

    We are working to be out of credit card debt by December 31st of this year. Then we will only have a car payment (at 0% interest). We only bought our current house last month, so getting our mortgage paid off will be a long haul!

    We contribute diligently and generously to our retirement and that won’t change because we want to be comfortable as the future us!

    1. Your future self and my future self are similar when it comes to consumer debt. I won’t have mine paid off as soon as you unfortunately but I will get it paid off.

  4. Blogging is definitely work and not a get rich quick scheme. There’s so much to learn and after 3 years I feel like I’m still learning things. But you’re right that even one person saying positive things makes a huge difference. Glad you’re sticking with it!

    1. Thanks for all your support Gary, it means a lot. I really think that starting a blog is one of the slowest ways to make money that exists, but I’m not going anywhere don’t worry.

  5. One reason I’m on blogger is because I’m not willing to invest the money in self-hosting. I may not have the fancy WP plug-ins but I really question how much of the advice to go self-hosted WP, especially before you’ve figured out if you can/will blog regularly and build an audience, has to do with the handy affilliate links that are always offered. Back in the day, you’d see an ad in the paper saying you can make money from home stuffing envelopes. Send us $XX and we’ll send you a starter kit. When the kit arrived, it was a copied sheet telling you to take out an ad in the paper saying that it is possible to make money working at home stuffing envelopes, and to send you $xx for a starter kit. When the money comes in, stuff a copy of the note in an envelope and mail it to the person who sent the money. Now it seems the trick is to put up a blog and offer people a course on making money blogging, and of course, the course tells you to put up a blog and offer to teach people how to money blogging.

    1. I laughed far too much reading this than maybe I should have. I think you’re right, if you have no idea what you’re going to do then paying money is a foolish idea. Though if you know exactly what you want it may be the best option. Though I haven’t made the money DIRECTLY from this site, I have received opportunities from running this site that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

      Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Congrats on your milestone, Tyler! It’s a big one.

    I’ve learned a lot of the same lessons. I’m nowhere near covering my costs, but blogging gives me a lot of intangibles: accountability, support for reaching my goals, a little bit of recognition, and most of the time, it’s fun. It’s a lot of hard work, though, and more labor of love than “good way to make money” for most of the people who do it.

    1. Thanks Emily. I’m not sure where I read it but I read somewhere that something like 1% of bloggers make enough from the blog to support themselves. Even those who I follow and aspire to be like don’t make much money from their site, but from other avenues of income.

      For me it’s really just a way to get my thoughts out, and to help others become the best future selves they can be.

  7. Oh, man. I can’t believe how slowly it goes. And I am always surprised to learn about people who read the blog but never comment. There’s more going on out there than what Twitter, comments, or traffic will tell you. And who are these people who make their blogs go viral in a YEAR? It’s impressive. But, I also think it’s impressive to grow slowly, stick around, be a rock in the community. Sometimes, I thin out who I’m following on Twitter and I see a lot of people who have fallen off the face of personal finance Earth. It’s a journey. You gotta be in it for the long haul.

    1. I think so many people start thinking it will be easy to make money instead of starting because they enjoy it. Sure making money is good, but if you don’t enjoy it you’ll always be looking for the next thing that will make money.

  8. I love blogging because I’m totally in control of the effort I want to put into it – and I’ve definitely written those “start a blog” posts too – but I always try to emphasize that you should love it, because you’re going to be working for free for quite a while before making any real money off of it.

    Congrats on getting through 100 posts!

    1. Thanks Mel, and I need to start writing more articles that give practical tips like “start a blog” but I’m hoping they will be few and far between on my own site.

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