20 Non-Financial Facts About Me

Some have been following me since I started this blog, others are just starting to get to know me. Whichever you are I’m sure there are many things you don’t know about me, so I’ve made a list of 20 things that have almost nothing to do with finances.

Married For 5 Years Now

On February 25th, 2012 I made the best decision I could have made and married my beautiful wife Ashley. Now I truly think that she made a terrible decision as she is way out of my league but what’s done is done.

She is my partner, my best friend, and I couldn’t do anything that I do without her. She supports my business, though she doesn’t understand it. And makes sure the house is taken care of. I make sure to cook her the best meals I can and she cleans up my mess even when I “dirty every dish in the house”.

I tell her all the time that we “beat the odds” as most marriages, especially ones that start as young as ours, don’t last 5 years.

One Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Though I don’t talk about religion on my website it is something I feel very strongly about. As a matter of fact one of the main reasons for leaving my 9 to 5 was so I can dedicate more time to my religion and the ministry.

Born In Freezing Little Town Of Maine

Very few people can say they know cold the way I know cold. Caribou Maine (a few miles from where I grew up) is on record of being negative 50 degrees. What that doesn’t tell you is the windchill which lowers that considerably. It could be 0 out and “feel like” negative 20 because of the wind.

Not only was it cold it was also small, the town I grew up in had less than a thousand people, and no major grocery store.

Live In Ridiculously Hot Large City In Florida

When I was 17 I moved from the freezing cold of Maine to the blistering hot of Florida. This morning alone the temperature in my car was 104 degrees.

Plus the population of Pinellas County (where I live) is about the same as the entire state of Maine. To say I was a little shocked when I moved would be an understatement.

I Have 8 Brothers, No Sisters

Ever heard of the Brady bunch? They have a ton of kids because they brought large families from previous marriages. That’s what my father did. He and my Mother got a divorce and after some time my Father met a woman we fell in love with. The only flaw, besides loving my crazy father, this woman had was having a large family of her own. So when they married the 5 of us that grew up together then also included 4 more bringing the total to 9.

You should see the picture from my wedding, it’s pretty cool to look at.

Never Been To College

I knew I wasn’t going to college my entire life. Not because I wasn’t smart enough, didn’t have the drive, or whatever else people think. But, it was because I knew there was no reason for me to go.

I feel college is needed for people who want to get into a field that requires certain education. I just knew I wouldn’t be one of those people. But hey, I at least stayed away from the crushing student loans many my age have.

First In My Family To Graduate High School

I come from a very smart family. My Grandfather built several successful businesses, so did my father. But, neither of them graduated from high school. Neither did my Mother, or my two older brothers. I was the very first in the family to do so and fortunately not the last, all of my younger brothers have also graduated from High School.

Had Ambitions Of Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

When I first started working at Walgreens it seemed like a place I could be comfortable working and so I wanted to become a store manager. After talking to my store and district manager they encouraged me to go in to the pharmacy department work there for a few years and then come back out to the sales floor. A good plan and one I would have followed if other things didn’t come up.

First Vehicle Was A Scooter

Though my first car was a Buick Regal named Gertie, my first vehicle was a scooter that got 100 miles to the gallon. It didn’t go very fast but it got me from point A to point B. Was terrible in the summer in Florida with all the rain but the price was right.

Driven From Maine To Florida Twice

When we moved to Florida my two younger brothers and my parents all road in a mini van with whatever would fit. We drove pretty much straight through, or rather my Father drove pretty much straight through. I don’t particularly like road trips and this was a long one.

About a year later my older brother moved down as well, so I flew up to Maine got in a truck and him and I drove. This was much slower as we didn’t drive like a crazy person like my Father did.

Love Scotch

Though I don’t get to enjoy it all that often I do very much enjoy scotch. This love affair started when I first turned 21 and a friend introduced me to his friend Johnny Walker. I enjoyed the scotch, but soon switched from a blended scotch to a single malt. Anyone who knows about scotch knows that once you go to the better stuff going back is very difficult and single malt is definitely better.

Though I do spend time with my friend Johnny from time to time, he never wears black anymore, nothing less than gold for me.

About 70 Pounds Over Weight

I know I don’t look like it but I’m incredibly over weight. I’ve lost some weight and will continue to do so, but I need to lose at least 66 pounds to be where I feel good. I won’t even get started on the BMI chart that tells me I need to lose between 110 and 140 pounds which seems insane to me so I’ll ignore it.

I Still Play Pokemon Go Even After It’s Cool

Remember a year ago when Pokemon Go came out and everyone played it? Well some of us haven’t stopped, not entirely. Now to be fair I’ve never been eccentric about it like others are but I do still play and enjoy it as a treat once I get my work done.

Was Home Schooled From 2nd To Eight Grade

I was in public school from kindergarten to 1st grade, and all 4 years of high school. However, in between I was home schooled.

I’m going to, for the most part, leave my opinions of that decision alone but, it did teach me to get things done on my own. It also taught me to figure things out since what I was studying was above those who were teaching it.

Do All Of My Work On A Chromebook

I do not own a work computer. I do everything from a Acer Chrombook R11 I got off of Groupon for less than $200.

Am Obsessed With The West Wing TV Show

I don’t watch much TV, though I binge a lot of Netflix, especially one of my favorite shows the West Wing. It’s a very funny, entertaining show that never seems to get old.

Cannot Stand Being Late

Maybe it’s coming from a large family where we were late to everything. But I cannot stand to be late. I’m always early, almost obnoxiously so. I try to be 20 to 30 minutes early to everything and if it’s awkward I will simply stay in my car and wait till the time arrives for me to actually be there.

Love To Read

I’m pretty much addicted to books, and since my brother introduced me to audio books the addiction has reached a whole new level. I wake up in the morning and while I’m waking up I listen to books, later I read books, and when I’m going to bed I listen to a book. I switch from fiction, to finance, to business, or whatever else.

Want To Move But Not Sure Where

I’ve lived in 2 very different climates, and my favorite was Maine. In Maine we had seasons, we had mountains, we had good food for a good price. But, it was also crazy cold, and way too much snow so I don’t want to move back there.

I can’t figure out anything I like about Florida other than it’s where I met my wife. It’s always hot, it’s flat as a plate, and even in the winter it’s summer. So I would like to move, but I don’t know where I want to go. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Suffer Strongly From “Impostor Syndrome”

Even after doing this for 2 years, being paid thousands for my writing by others, and having people tell me how much they enjoy my writing, I still don’t think I’m very good. Mind you I’m way better than I was, that I know, but starting out bad and getting better means your only slightly better than bad.

Tell Me About You

I would love to hear about you. Please leave a comment and tell me just one thing about you.

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