3 Cheap And Easy Things To Make For The SuperBowl

With the largest game of the year only a few days away here in the future me household we are striving to save as much money as possible. However, I love to eat far to much to not enjoy one of my favorite days of the year.

So how can you eat delicious food, and save money at the same time? Making things at home is the best way I have found, so here are 3 of my favorite recipes that you can use.

Chicken Tenders

Growing up we would on occasion get some frozen tenders and I loved those things. It wasn’t until I was around 22 that I went to someone’s house and they made from scratch chicken tenders. This seemed to be the greatest creation ever, so of course I learned how. It’s healthier (though if your eating fried food odds are you aren’t looking for healthy) tastes better, and most importantly costs less. So here is how to make it.

Boneless Chicken Breasts/tenderloins
All-Purpose Flour
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Salt + Pepper
Frying Oil

First marinate the chicken (overnight if possible) in water and salt (aka a brine). Mix the flour,oregano,garlic powder,onion powder, salt and pepper in a bowel. Make an egg wash, dip the chicken in the egg wash than the flour mixture. You may have to do this more than once to get the coating right you’ll be able to tell after looking at it.

Put the chicken in a deep fryer (or if you don’t have one like me just in a pot on the stove and heat to 350 degrees) cook for 10 to 12 minutes and there you are some of the most beautiful and delicious chicken tenders you have ever had.

Alfredo Bread

This entire article was written because of this tweetchat, I mentioned my Alfredo bread and everyone wanted the recipe so here it is.

Parmesan Cheese
Heavy Whipping Cream
French Bread
Garlic Powder
Dried Minced Garlic
Italian Cheese

This is a two step recipe, first make your alfredo sauce. First melt the butter on medium to low heat. Add whipping cream once the butter has melted and whisk, slowly add parmesan cheese until consistency is thick and taste is awesome.

Next cut the bread into smaller pieces, dip one end of the bread into the alfredo sauce and then place on cooking sheet. Be careful I have burnt my hand a number of times trying to make this.

After you have dipped all of the bread and it’s on the cooking sheet, sprinkle the garlic powder and dried minced garlic on the bread, put plenty of the cheese (I sometimes just use mozzarella) then sprinkle the oregano on top of that. Set the oven for broil, and leave in for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pizza Wontons

Egg Roll Wraps
Pizza Sauce (or your homemade version)
Mozzarella cheese

Place some sauce, cheese and pepperoni’s (or whatever other ingredients you want) on to the egg roll wrap. Make an egg wash in order to close the wraps like a over sized wanton and through in the fryer for a few minutes.

If I could only use one word to describe this, it would be amazinglydelicious.


There you have a few of my recipes that will help me for the big day all pretty inexpensive and delicious and perfect for the game. I hope you all enjoy the game.

What are you’re favorite game day foods? Who do you wan’t to win? Let me know if you like these recipes.

Image courtesy of KEKO64 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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