34 Fun Frugal Hobbies That Make Money

34 Frugal Hobbies

You should have two hobbies. One that is for fun, and one that makes you money. Both should be frugal, so here are 34 frugal hobbies that make money.

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If you have any type of skill with a needle and thread you can make some extra money. Think simple things like fixing buttons that have fallen off, or hemming pants or skirts. A professional tailor will charge $10, $20, or more to get a job done, and will usually ask for a week to get it done. If you’re able to do this then you could charge less ($5 or $10) and make some nice side income while you enjoy your hobby.

Looking for more help on how to make money sewing? Check this site out.


Very different from sewing, though many people think they are the same. Instead of fixing things this is more about creating things. Have you ever seen those ugly Christmas sweaters? Or really ugly sweaters anytime? Well someone has to make those.

Now, you don’t have to make things that are ugly, in fact, most knit clothing is actually really nice. My grandmother made us mittens, gloves, hats, slippers, and yes sweaters while growing up. In fact, I still have some slippers she made me for those cold Florida winters.

Want to get started making money with knitting? Click here.


I love cooking, though I’m no expert. I make a pretty good peanut butter fudge, as well as brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and a few other things people seem to like.

I’ve had a few people offer to pay me to make these things in the past, though I’ve never taken them up on it I could.

Depending on the state you live in this is a viable way to make money while working this frugal hobby. For instance, in Florida, I’m allowed to make $50,000 a year selling baked good from my house. There are of course certain rules I have to follow in order to make this money, but nothing so strict that I can’t make some extra money.

If you’re serious about making some extra money from baking check this site out.

Drawing and Painting

If, unlike me, you have any artistic skill than this frugal hobby can easily make you some serious money.

Most people think of only paintings, but what about a mural on the wall? Or a ceiling painted to look like the stars? Or a cartoonist that makes a little extra drawing some passersby on a busy street corner?

Not to mention, with sites like Etsy around you can sell to not only locals but all over the country.

Want to get started? Go here.

Teach Music

Many of us took band in school. Ok very few of us did, but those of us that did feel like everyone did. I loved playing my Tenor Saxophone in an orchestra, jazz band, and marching (see below).

If you did any of these things, then you know more than the average person who can’t even read music.

Even if you think that you don’t remember everything, it will all come back very quickly if you picked up an instrument again and just played around. Regardless your knowledge is more than someone starting out.

Plus think of the nostalgia of playing again.

To learn more and start today click here.

Do You Believe In Magic

Who didn’t dream of being a magician as a kid? I tried card tricks and was terrible at them. Sure I probably could have tried harder, got more books, practiced more, etc. But, I didn’t.

However, there are those who enjoy doing some “magic” from time to time in order to impress others. While you are impressing people why don’t you also make some extra money?

Magicians are hired for kids parties, and some adult parties, and can cost a lot of money. If you, however, are doing it for fun than you can charge a lot less than the professionals and have some fun.

Want to get started? Check out how here.


If you have an idea to yell at me about this one because photography isn’t frugal, you’re right. However, if you already have the camera as a hobby than it’s completely free now.

Also, you would be surprised how good your phone’s camera is. I have a Nexus 6p which has a 12.1 MP (megapixel) main camera and an 8 MP front camera (for all the selfies I don’t take). I also own a digital camera than when purchased (only a few years ago) was one of the better ones you could get and is only 8.1 MP.

Camera’s most certainly have advantages over your phone, but if you’re just starting out your phone will do fine.

Mostly what you’ll have to do to make money is do stock photography, all the pictures that are on websites, blogs, etc. are stock photography. Some pay to get their photos as the free ones don’t always fit the theme of the site. You could sell yours and make some money.

Ready to get started? Check this article out.

Dog Walking

Are you an animal lover? Do you live somewhere where you aren’t allowed to have animals? Or do you just not have the money to support owning an animal right now? Than dog walking could the best of frugal hobbies that make money.

Some people work long hours and need someone to let their dog out before they get home. Others are going on vacation and need someone to watch their house and dog (a win win).

Start walking dogs and making money today.


To be completely honest, I do not consider this to be a “hobby”. However, to my wife it very much is.

If you’re not familiar with shopkicks, basically you get points (kicks) for going to stores, scanning specific items, and buying specific things. Obviously, the ones you buy give you the most points but you can honestly get a decent amount of kicks from just driving through the parking lot and getting your “walk in” kicks.

Find out the best ways to make extra money with Shopkicks by going here.


This is such a broad subject I could write it’s very own post. But we will focus on just 2 different types of writing for simplicities sake.

If you’re reading this then you should know what a blog is. A personal blog can be about just about anything. It can be just about you and your life, or about a certain project or goal you’re working towards (like getting out of debt).

Whatever the case may be you simply write for the joy of writing, and if you gain an audience than you can make SOME money, maybe. If you look at my income reports you’ll soon realize that almost no income has come DIRECTLY from the blog. However, I wouldn’t have gained any of my freelancing clients without having this blog so INDIRECTLY this blog has produced thousands of dollars.

Click here to find the best ways to make money from a blog.

Another option is to write a book. Yes, you could go the traditional publishing route and have success but that to me would feel too much like a job instead of a hobby and wouldn’t be frugal at all.

An E-book, however, could be a much better option. You take your time to write it, as you only have yourself to answer to for it not being done and publish it either on your own site or through Amazon. Either way will make you some extra money.

To write your first book and start making money click here.


If you enjoy driving you can make a lot of money. One way is by advertising on your car, another, even better way, is to drive for a rideshare service.

As you may know, rideshare driving was my first successful side hustle and is one of the ways I ultimately was able to leave my 9 to 5 to work for myself full time.

To find out how to work smarter and not harder with rideshare driving check out Harry’s blog.

Coral Propagation

This is one of the frugal hobbies that make money that I know little about. I used to work with a man that had a tank of coral in his house as his hobby, and as the coral grew he would sell off pieces of them to different pet stores and such.

I won’t begin to explain how the process works because I don’t know but I have found a video that goes into detail not only on what it is, how to get started, but also how to sell when the time comes.

Computer Work

Do you enjoy working on computers? Why not get paid for it?

If you talk to the majority of people you would discover how much they don’t know about computers, especially older people. I once helped someone get their wireless router set up, it took all of 10 minutes and they handed me $60 cash to “take my wife out to dinner”.

Even a kid can do it really, see for yourself here.


Do you enjoy gardening? Do you have the best herbs growing that you use when you cook? Or maybe the most beautiful flowers anyone has seen.

Whatever it is you enjoy growing, you can also sell them for a nice profit.

For ways to make money through gardening check this article out.

Play Games

If you’re a gamer odds are you have watched a video or two on how to get to the next level, or accomplish that difficult mission, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Why not make some videos of your own and put them on YouTube. Depending on how many subscribers you’re able to get an amount of views you get you can make a little or a lot of money.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Playing On Facebook

Do you get more likes and shares than most people? Do you know what it takes to grab peoples interest and have them stick around? Then becoming a social media manager may be the best hobby you could do.

Want to learn more? Check out this awesome blog.

Are You Funny?

If you enjoy making people laugh than becoming a comic in your spare time could be a great frugal hobby that makes money. There really isn’t any upfront money to invest, just a lot of time really.

Just being funny isn’t enough to make money though, you have to be willing to get up on stage in front of people and get them all to laugh, and sometimes you will have tough crowds. But, if this is a hobby for you and you only do it once in a while it could be a nice little way to make some extra money.

Want to get started go here and find out how.


I get paid to shop, I really do, just check out my income reports and see how much I make from Amazon. But, I really don’t enjoy shopping. Going to stores full of people who get in the way, then waiting in line to pay just gives me anxiety. I do get to listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts but still, it isn’t something I really enjoy.

My wife, on the other hand, loves to go shopping, even when we don’t have any money she still wants to go to the store “just to look”. So while she is “just looking” I tell her to look for things we can sell on Amazon.

Another way to get paid to shop is through mystery shopping. Though it may not pay much it’s still payment for a hobby and costs you nothing in the end, how much more frugal is nothing?

The final way to get paid to shop is to do someone else’s shopping. Some people don’t have the ability to shop for themselves whether because of being too busy, disabled, or elderly and they rely on others to get things done for them.

Want to see how people make thousands as a mystery shopper? Check this site out.

Help Others Get In Shape

Are you a gym fanatic? I’m not, though I’ve recently started going to the gym multiple times a week with a friend of mine who just happens to be a trainer. Though I don’t pay him we have an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Plus now that people have seen the changes in me they want to work with him too so they can have the changes and they will have to pay.

It may require licensing and training to do, but if you enjoy working out and are willing to put a little work into getting your license it will be well worth it.

Want to start making money as a personal trainer? Click here.


Do you love wood working? My grandfather “retired” and spent the majority of his time building things and selling them. He would build chests, and birdhouses, and pretty much anything you can think of and then sell it.

He needed something to do, and the money didn’t hurt either.

Find out how MMM makes money through carpentry.

Do You Like To Teach?

Do you have a skill in something? Finances, cleaning, math, science, etc.? Do you love to explain it to other people? This costs you nothing but your time and there are people that will pay for your knowledge.

Think how many high school students are struggling with math right now, they need one on one help and can’t afford it. Most of the tutors charge a significant sum, and they are worth it. But, if you come in because you enjoy doing it you can do so at a much lower price and help a kid in the process of making money.

Looking for some great tips on how to make money as a tutor check this out.


Show of hands for all those that started watching one “quick” video on YouTube and found themselves 3 days later in another country still watching videos?

You remember all those ads you see before them? Well, the owner of those videos gets paid for those ads. Now mind you we’re talking pennies per view but the more views you get the more money you make. If you have something go viral than that one video can make a lot of money.

What could you make videos of? Really anything. Baking cookies, doing your gardening work or playing your favorite games. People really will watch anything.

Here’s a great way to get started making money with YouTube.


Are you a talker? Do you have something that no matter what the event you always end up talking about? Buying podcast equipment and talking about that subject for everyone to listen too can be a great hobby.

If it’s something you enjoy, then it won’t feel like work, you’ll also get more listeners and with more listeners comes the ability to have sponsors and a nice income.

Want to start a podcast? Check out Pat’s free tutorial.

Fix Your Car? Why Not Others Too?

When I got my first car I didn’t even know the importance of changing my oil and paid the price with a broken down car. When it did start breaking down I didn’t have the money to have someone fix it, so I had to turn to friends who could do it for me at a fraction of the price.

For the price of a six pack and some pizza I got breaks replaced, master cylinders replaced, and a new gas injector. Please forgive me if my jargon is a bit off here.

If you enjoy working on cars and are pretty good at it, odds are that you can make some extra money while doing your hobby.

Looking for ways to make money as a mechanic? Check this out.


Do people often tell you how organized you are? How they wish they could be more like you? Well, they don’t need to be like you, they just need to pay you a little bit of money to organize things from them.

Some people really enjoy organizing and this frugal hobby costs you nothing and can make some serious money.

For a step by step process on how to make money organizing read this great post.


I’m not entirely sure how she does it, but my wife can clean our house in 1/10th the time it takes me. When I try to clean the house it takes 6 days, 2 hours of tears, and a season or two of whatever’s on Netflix.

Home cleaners make good money for working a few hours. It is hard work and some people are very particular so it may be very stressful but it can be a great income stream.

For more on making money cleaning check this out.

Go To Garage Sales

Growing up we had a town “trash and treasure” sale that I loved to go to. It was like having over a hundred garage sales all in one place. We would find some really cool and cheap things there. Now going to garage sales can provide that same fun, but did you know that you can make some extra money going to garage sales?

Often you’ll find some great things at a garage sale that could be resold whether at your own garage sale or online. Sites like Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon are great avenues to sell some things you find at garage sales.

Click here to learn how one guy made $20,000 going to garage sales.

Play Music On The Corner

Do you have some musical skill? Even if you don’t think so you are probably better than the average joe. Memorize 4 or 5 songs and go play on a corner with a hat on the ground and get paid to have fun.

I’ve thought about doing this many times in the past, mostly as an excuse to get my old Saxophone out and play.

Looking for tips to make the most money? Click here.

Become A Referee

Do you love to watch sports? Have a kid who’s playing this weekend? Have you ever considered being a referee? You get to enjoy a game, even be part of the game, and make some money.

Looking for more information on becoming a referee? Click here to learn more.


Babysitting itself likely isn’t a hobby, but if you love kids and love to be around them then this could be an excellent way to make some money.

Even if you don’t make money and watch family or friends kids it can still be an enjoyable night with some kids, who find the most simple things fun and exciting. My nephew will laugh for hours for no apparent reason and it’s a lot of fun.

Looking for ways to make money babysitting? Click here and learn more.

Become A DJ

Not really “frugal” if you get the right equipment but you can make the money back pretty quick if you get some gigs. In a night you can make $500 to $5000 or more depending on the size of the venue. Some people love to be DJ’s and are really good at it.

A friend of mine does it in his spare time and can make a nice extra $1000 in a night.

To learn how to get started as a DJ go here.


Speak a second language? Make some money translating. The more connected the world gets through the internet the more people want to be able to reach those who only speak one language. I don’t speak Spanish but there are literally billions that do and if my message was translated into Spanish than I would have access to that many more people

To start working as a translator and making money with a frugal hobby go here.

Go To Thrift Stores

Similiar to garage sales you can make some money flipping things found at a thrift store. Not only do people donate their clothes, furniture, books, etc. Some people donate things that have never been opened and selling new items that no one else can find can make you some serious money.

One time on an Amazon FBA sourcing trip, I found an old voice recorder for $7 and sold it for $250, a very nice profit.

Looking for more information on how to make money going to thrift stores? Go here.

Become A Bartender

Love to drink? Who doesn’t, but making drinks can be fun as well and make a nice amount of money. If you take a bartending class or just learn on the job you can get a job as a bartender and make a large amount of money in a very short time.

Some people I know that work as a bartender can come home with $400 a night on the weekends, I don’t make that in a week sometimes.

To learn how to get started bartending check this out.


There are many frugal hobbies that make money and here are just 34 of them.

Making money while enjoying what you’re doing is an amazing thing.

How have you made money in the past?

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