The 5 Best Rideshare Blogs To Answer All Your Question

5 Best Rideshare Blogs

Have you ever considered becoming an Uber driver? Maybe deliver some food?

You need money, you have a car, but you’re not sure where to start.

Here are 5 Rideshare Blogs that can provide the answer to any questions you have.

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1.The Rideshare Guy

Check Out Harry’s Course Here

Harry is a good friend and I may be a little biased but I personally think his site is the best when it comes to information about driving for Uber or Lyft.

He’s a normal guy who started driving for some extra cash and now does rideshare driving and blogging full time to support himself.

He gives a ton of free help and advice and comes up for almost every single search term on rideshare driving.

Above all, he’s a really fun guy who is always more than willing to give advice.

And He Has A Course

If you really want to kick it up a notch and make more money with rideshare driving, I highly recommend you take a look at Harry’s course.

With just a few tips from that course, I was able to almost double my nightly income making back the cost of the course in one day.

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This is an interesting site. They actually had a “rideshare” service long before Uber and Lyft came on the scene.

They would facilitate the rides and passengers. The drivers would set the price and it would be paid ahead of time and released once the ride was completed.

Fast forward to when Uber basically took over the market and made it easier than ever to get a ride and this service was “too slow”.

Rather than stop helping people, they decided they would focus on informing drivers and passengers all about the going ons of Uber and Lyft.

Click Here To Go To Ridester

3.Whose Driving You

I can’t in good conscious only tell you all the great things about driving for Uber and Lyft.

There are some real concerns, some real threats. And Whose Driving You? Tells you all about them.

They list out many incidents and if you have one of your own they can help with the process of reporting it as well.

Click Here to Go To Whose Driving You


This is a great service for those who don’t have a car and want to start rideshare driving. Or for those who do have a car but don’t want to go out rideshare driving.

They allow people who have approved cars rent out those cars to drivers in the area.

This is great for the drivers because they tend to spend less than if they went through Uber or Lyfts rental cars. At the same time, the owners of the cars get to make some money.

On top of that Hyrecar has an awesome blog full of tips on how to get the most out of driving.

Click Here To Go To Hyrecar Blog

5.Rideshare Dashboard

Similiar to The Rideshare Guy this site was built by a driver who couldn’t find enough information and had to learn himself.

He started when it was “easy money” some nights he was able to make money without doing anything due to guaranteed hourly’s back then.

He has since started creating courses to help rideshare drivers with things like getting started, taxes,  and increased profits.

Click Here To Go To Rideshare Dashboard

BONUS: I Am The Future Me

Though this site isn’t focused entirely on Rideshare driving for a long time it was my main focus for side hustle income.

Yes, it’s been a while, over a year, since I’ve gone out driving. But I still like the fact that I can start again right now if I wanted.

Also, Rideshare driving will be my focus for the next 2 months. I have podcast guests lined up to be interviewed, blog posts scheduled, and a few experiments to find out how much you can make rideshare driving now in 2018.

Ready to start driving? Click Here for Uber and Here for Lyft

If there are any specific questions you have please leave them in the comments or email me.

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  1. Hey dude I would like an answer to the following question if you can gather the facts. My name is Claude Shama and I live in Melbourne Australia. I have been with Uber since Day 1, January 2013 and I was a great promoter of Uber for years as I drove for them in my limo for about 2.5 years prior to Uber X. About 10 months ago I sold my limo biz and came over to Uber X and I made it work and I had a few hours a day for myself, good job.

    Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago and the introduction of Set Fares, the effect thereof is about 20% reduction in my pocket per week for the exact same work done prior to this BS….Most importantly this week is that yesterday and today the available work is about 50% of previous. This is serious shit and of course you would not waste your time to ask the Gorilla what the fuck is going on. After being here for 5 years and 4 months this is super weird shit to be waiting 30 minutes plus for a job. I wonder dude whether you could get to the bottom of this in some way. Is this occurring in other cities as well or just Melbourne ? Any data would be welcome as long as it is actual/factual.

    Stay Safe Dude,
    Peace Out

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