6 Questions Everyone Asks About Driving For Uber And Lyft

We fear anything new and different. Driving for Uber or Lyft falls under that category.

You’ve heard you can make good money for very little work, but is that true?

Here are 6 questions I get asked all the time about rideshare driving.

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Which Company Will You Drive For?

Uber Lyft which do you drive for? Can you drive for both? Is one better than the other?

Both, Yes, kind of.

Where ride sharing services are concerned Uber is the main one. Because of this, you will get more rides with Uber. That doesn’t always mean that you’ll make more money, or that you’ll enjoy the process.

Most drivers prefer driving for Lyft because the riders are usually longer, tip more often, and are nicer than Uber passengers. That’s not always the case and there are always exceptions to the rule but in general, that’s the case.

Driving for both companies at the same time means you can get the long rides when they are coming in and while you wait get the shorter rides increasing your profits throughout the day.

Answer: Drive for both Lyft and Uber and make even more money

What Documents Do You Need?

The ridesharing companies don’t require that you go into their office and fill out paperwork. Instead, they have you submit them electronically through the app on your phone.

It’s really simple just take pictures of the things they ask for when they ask for it. Such as your insurance, and license, the two most important things.

Answer: Insurance, Registration, and License.

Do You Need Special Insurance?

The majority of states don’t require any additional insurance, as far as I know. What’s more interesting is even those states that do require it, most of them don’t offer them.

You read that right, the state law requires you have rideshare insurance, but no insurance company offers it in certain states.

Not only that, some insurances will drop you if they find out you are driving for a rideshare service.

These are all things you should seriously consider before you start driving.

Answer: Each state is different, a lot of states require it but don’t have it.

How Much Can You Really Make?

Each night of the week will be different, each ride will be different.

There will be nights you’re going to get a bunch of $20 rides and make $40 to $60 an hour. But, there are also going to be nights that you aren’t getting anything and only make $8 an hour.

After doing it for over a year I averaged about $14 an hour driving mostly mornings (taking people to work) and evenings (picking people up from work).

If you’re willing to drive the “bar scene” you can make a lot more money. I have and made hundreds of dollars in 4 or 5 hours. But it depends on what city you live in, where you’re driving, and the hours you drive.

Answer: Every area is different but you can make $10 to $20 an hour safely.

Is My Car Good Enough To Drive For Uber?

The answer for most people is yes.

There are some states that have stricter policies than others and require specific things with the cars driven there.

For instance, when I started driving for Lyft my car met the qualifications, however, they didn’t meet Ubers qualifications and so I could only drive for Lyft.

Eventually, though Uber changed their policy and allowed me to drive for them increasing my profit.

I would recommend though you keep your car clean, like new car smell clean.

I also found it beneficial to buy the 3 main power cords so people could all charge their mobile devices to add to the 5-star experience.

Answer: Most states require it be newer than 10 years old.

What If I Don’t Have A Car?

Don’t have a car but want to make some extra money? Both Lyft and Uber have the option to rent you a car that you can then use to drive with.

On top of that, they just take the price of the rental right out of your earnings for that week.

I’ve never done it and not sure how it would work using for both Lyft and Uber at the same time, however, I know it is possible.

A way to save is to use a service like Hyrecar that allows you to rent a car from someone who already has their car approved making them money and you.

Answer: Uber and Lyft offer rentals, as well as Hyrecar

Start Making Money With Rideshare Driving

Ready to start making money with Uber and Lyft?

Get your car cleaned and ready to go, get yourself some chargers, and a car mount, sign up and wait to be approved.

Then email me or comment here and let me know how your first night was.

And, if you’re interested in learning more ways to make money with ride share driving Harry Campbell’s course is an absolute must to get you started.

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