9 Simple Apps My Wife Swears Save Us Money

I have tried for years to save money, and my wife has been on board for most of that time.

Though we both have the same goal, we go about it in very different ways.

Here are the apps my wife uses to save us money.

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This is my wife’s favorite, and my least favorite app.

Its very simple. The app tells you how many kicks (points) you get by simply walking into a store or for items you purchase at that store. At many places you don’t even have to walk in, just get close enough to the entrance. We will at times be driving down the road, I think on our way home, and she’ll pull into a business. Now, we don’t get out of the car, just close enough so she can hold her phone up to the shopkick gods and get her “kicks”.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the fact that she gets points that can be used for gift cards is amazing, but sometimes it just feels like we are driving around spending dollars to make pennies.

That being said, I think if you’re at a store already, and get some kicks, this is a great app.

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With this app you get points for taking pictures of receipts.

You can go to really any store, gas station, convenience store, grocery, etc. But you do get more points if you go to the stores they want and buy the things they ask you to.

Once you get enough points you get money back in the form of gift cards.

Interested in signing up for Fetch? Click Here


This app is similar to the last in that you take pictures of your receipts, however, you have to buy what they ask you to.

One friend of mine (the one that convinced my wife to start using this) says he uses it when he is grocery shopping, specifically for beer. Say he wants a 6 pack, he goes to the store and has the ones he likes. Well, if Ibotta has a deal on a beer he likes, that’s the one he gets. He made $2 just for buying a 6 pack he was going to buy anyway.

Want to sign up for Ibotta click here.


Do you buy gas for you car? Not a Tesla owner either, huh?

This app lets you get points for buying gas. But, it is a bit tricky.

You can’t just get gas, and then get points. First, you have to pick from a list of gas stations that are in the app, then you get the gas.

After that, you take a picture and get points. Which you can cash in for gift cards.

Click Here to GetUpSide


If you don’t shop at Target, I really don’t know who you are. We shop here a lot for personal and business.

The Target app, helps you find things that may not be where you think they will be. It can also let you know if the item in your hand is actually cheaper then it says it is.

We use it a lot while sourcing for Amazon, we scan a tag of a clearance item and sometimes it’s actually cheaper than what the tag says.

Click Here To Get The Target App


Same concept as the Target app, except that Walmart has this feature that if you scan your receipt and something you bought was on sale at another store they refund you the difference.

What I think is cool about this, is that you don’t have to find the sale, the app does it for you. So, anytime we buy something at Walmart, we just take a picture of the receipt and sometimes get a few dollars back.

Click Here To Get The Walmart App


We used to spend far too much at Starbucks. Now that we’re not drinking coffee there are still some things that we get there, though not as many.

This app though lets us get things for free.

We can get free food, free drinks, free whatever just for buying things.

Click Here To Get The Starbucks App


So, my wife may be the one keeping track of this app now, but I’m for sure the one that found it and got her obsessed with it (a thing of pride for me).

Digit is amazing.

That’s all I really have to say on it.

It saves money for you, while you don’t think about it. I’ve written at length about it here.

Click Here To Start Saving Money And Use Digit


This is essentially a huge coupon site and app.

They have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, on this app.

You can get vacations, video games, massages, go to escape rooms, gift cards. You name it, they have it.

Click Here To Get the Groupon App

Happy Wife Happy Life

Now, it’s important to note that I don’t really care for a lot of these apps, but that’s because I don’t do the shopping most of the time.

My wife actually does save money with each of these apps, and I appreciate that.

Not only that, but it makes her happy to use them, and I like when my wife is happy.

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