A New Beginning

Next month I will be celebrating 1 year of being self-employed.

I started working on creating a business that I could leave my 9 to 5 back in June of 2015, 2 years later I was able to leave my full-time job.

I’ve tried many different kinds of businesses, some have completely failed, some have been amazing successes, and some are still growing.

But, there is a huge part of my business that has to change.

Why I Share My Income Each Month

Since December 2015 I have produced monthly income reports showing exactly how much money was coming in from my side hustles. This was done for a number of reasons.

First, I wanted to document my journey. I knew that if I focused and spent the time growing that the income would grow, and I wanted to have proof to show others that I really started with nothing.

Second, I wanted people to see those reports and think to themselves that they could do at least one of the different side hustles that I’m doing.

I do many different side hustles and each makes various amounts of money. If people saw that an ordinary guy was doing so many of his own side hustles that they would be willing to try at least one of them.

The third reason I shared the income reports was so that I could include affiliate links in them, and hopefully make an income from the sales.

I still agree with those reasons for posting my income, but things need to change.

I’m No Longer Be Posting My Income

All of that said, it has now become necessary for my income reports to stop. And, like the reasons for doing them, there are several reasons to stop.

First, I’m no longer documenting “side-hustles” this is my full-time job now and to compare my numbers with someone who is just doing this as a side hustle isn’t fair.

I see others income reports that are doing far more than I am, and yes it encourages me to do more, but it also discourages me at times as I feel I should be doing as good as they are.

Second, I am not anonymous and to be honest it’s very easy to find me online, where I live and who my family is. Though it doesn’t bother me sharing the numbers it does bother my family. What’s worse than it bothering my family is how it affects my relationships with family and friends.

Some family feel that since I am now making so much I can “share” (basically giving money away). Friends are uncomfortable with the numbers being shared and the very last thing I want to do is make anyone I care about uncomfortable.

The last reason that the income reports are ending is that honestly, I don’t feel they are helping anyone. Some get good traffic which means people are reading them but I don’t think that people are benefiting from learning how I make money.

The income reports don’t go into great detail about HOW I made the money just that I did make money.

What Now?

I still want to help people, and I still want to document my journey. The main focus of my life is my religion and family. To take care of both of those I need to become debt free and be as healthy as possible.

So, I’ll still be talking about finances, I’ll still be helping people start side hustles. I’m just going to stop talking about my income each month.

As a matter of fact, I have more things than ever that will be coming out. I have a podcast now, an email list, and soon courses that you can take (both free and paid).

I hope you don’t go anywhere because the best is yet to come.

Thank you all for being so great for all these years, and I hope to serve everyone for a long time to come.



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