A Short Painful And Exciting Life And Business Update

Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I last posted a blog post?

I mean seriously, at some point you stop being considered a “blogger” and just start being called a nobody.

So what’s been going on?

A lot, and a little. Let me tell you all about it.


Obviously, blogging has not been a priority. So what has?

Amazon FBA is ALWAYS first on my mind. It’s the business that got me out of my 9 to 5, it’s the business that requires the least amount of work, but it brings with it its own struggles and stresses.

For instance, it’s VERY cash intensive. To make $1000 I have to spend around $2,000 or more to get it.

Now looking at that from a ROI, it’s not bad; especially if you compare it to something like the stock market where a 10% ROI is considered great. I’m getting much more than that, and I don’t wait a year for my returns, it’s usually 30 to 45 days before I get it back.

That being said, just to pay basic bills each month I have to spend thousands of dollars to get that. So, it isn’t “difficult”, but it is very stressful.

The other main focus has been on my Facebook Ads business (now known as Party Of Three Productions). Now, this business is far less cash intense, but requires a lot of work to get a new client, then work on that client’s ads.

This is a daily thing I must do and requires a lot of time. But, the money from it is worth it, and honestly, I hope to be running ads for small businesses for years to come.

Moving forward, Amazon is in the capable hands of my wife for the foreseeable future. I am going to get refocused on the Facebook Ads business and back to blogging regularly.

I already have a few blog posts written, and edited so when this post is published I will have at least 2 months worth of posts ready to go at the same time.


This has been a constant battle for me, my entire life.

Shortly after I left my 9 to 5 I got on the scale and it had a weight that I’ve never seen before and it terrified me.

I weighed 296 pounds.

I literally broke down in tears.

Since then It has been my goal to not hit 300 EVER, and to drop the weight and get healthier.

I have been able to get the weight down to be in the high 270’s to low 280’s most of the time, but let’s be honest that is an incredibly unhealthy weight.

I’ve tried all kinds of things in the past, and nothing really stuck with me.

In the last month however, I started doing one simple thing.

I drink nothing but water.

That’s it, I didn’t change what I eat, when I eat, or really start exercising more than normal.

And guess what?

I’m down around 268 pounds now for the first time in years.

I also feel like I have way more energy, I don’t feel exhausted when I wake up, I’m able to stay up later, and I don’t start feeling worn down in the early afternoon hours.

Moving forward I plan on making some changes with the food I’ve been eating, I figure I did this one huge thing and now it feels easy, time to start the next thing till it feels easy.


The biggest thing that has happened to me in my personal life since the last post is that my Nana passed away.

I haven’t spoken much about her publicly, she was an amazing woman who I loved dearly, but she was also a very private woman.

While alive, I asked her many times to be interviewed for my blog or podcast, as well as so many other things, and her response was always “no”.

So, I won’t go into much detail about her out of respect, but she has been and continues to be a huge inspiration in my life, and will be missed more than words can explain.

Other than that, my personal life is truly boring in comparison to others. My wife and I spend our free time with Netflix and chill nights. Sometimes we play Mario Party, board games, or cards.

In the future, we are planning on purchasing a home and likely I’ll write a bit about that process, but as for now, nothing going on.

Thank You

I do want to thank you for sticking around. I have not been the most consistent or helpful person. I aim to do much better moving forward and to deserve the trust you’ve put into me.

Without the support of you, my reader, I could do nothing.

So thanks for sticking with me, thanks for reading, and thanks for being you!

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