A Week In My Life

I don’t have a “schedule” I have to follow with my work. I do have deadlines for clients but in theory I could spend 1 week a month doing nothing but client work and spend the rest of the month relaxing. But since I don’t like working that much in any 1 week here is basically how my week goes.


This is the first day of the week for me. I know it’s the first work day for most people and maybe that’s why I chose it as mine but Monday’s are kind of like a reset day.

The first thing I do is plan out the week. I look at the amount of client work I have and plan the week accordingly. If it’s a light week I may even be able to get all of my work done today. Which is great because then I can spend the rest of the week on running my Amazon business.

Monday’s are also my “writing day” I will write anywhere from 2 to 10 articles today. They won’t be edited or published for the most part today but at least the first draft is written.

Monday’s are also the days I try to get more work. Whether that’s checking forms and work boards. Pitching existing and new clients or anything else Monday’s are basically the days I try to find more work.

Tuesday And Wednesday

Depending on how busy the week is Tuesday and Wednesday are basically the same for me. In the morning I may do some volunteer work if the work load is low. That usually get’s done about 1 or 2 PM and I can then work the rest of the night.

My wife works both of these nights so it makes it easier for me to get work done later. Sometimes I will take these days and work all day if the workload for the week is too much and I’m concerned I won’t get everything done.


I tried the first few weeks to have Thursday be a day that I work on personal things all day. So for instance I would volunteer in the morning sometimes till the late afternoon. Then I would prepare and go to church in the evenings.

However, I’ve discovered in the short time I’ve been self employed that If I don’t have a second day set as a “work day” I won’t get enough work done in a week. So Thursday has now become my “editing day”. Anything that needs to be edited will be done on Thursday. If I have to write more I will be but it’s mostly dedicated to editing.

Friday And Saturday

Friday and Saturday are like Tuesday and Wednesday, I may do personal things I may work it all depends on how busy I am.


Family day, today is the day that we go to church and spend the day together. We may go out to eat or may stay in all night. The important thing is that my wife and I are ALWAYS together on Sunday. Obviously things come up sometimes but I would say 98% of the time we are together.

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