An Honest TaleFlick Review

This week one of my favorite shows of all time comes out with the latest season. I cannot wait to sit with the lights turned off, my favorite junk food, my wife next to me, and just watch every single episode without sleeping.

We all have a show like that, but wouldn’t it be more impressive if you could WRITE a show like that?

With TaleFlick you can do just that. 

Here’s a TaleFlick Review

What Is TaleFlick?

Here is the definition of TaleFlick from their own site:

TaleFlick is a story curation company with an online platform, the Marketplace, where authors and screenwriters can share their books and scripts. Studios, production companies, and producers from all over the world can search for stories to adapt into a film or TV show.

Essentially what this all means is that they will take your story for a movie or TV show and help you get in touch with the right people to get it made.

It’s a little more complicated so let’s see how they do this.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you have the perfect idea for a movie and you just have no idea how to get it in the hands of the right person. TaleFlick will help you do that.

When you upload your book or script it then goes into a catalog that TaleFlick keeps. You’re then able to create a “pitch-page” where you get to sell yourself again.

TaleFlick then works with different agencies to get your script or book in the hands of the people that are looking for it. 

It’s not a simple “if you build it they will come” type thing. TaleFlick knows the industry, they know who is looking for what kind of story and who they need to tell about what story. It’s almost like having a team of agents with way more connections than a new one or trying to do it yourself. 

Once a company has picked your script, you then get to negotiate directly with that company on the rights of the script. TaleFlick doesn’t take a portion of this, they negotiate with the company, you get all your own money with TaleFlick.

How Do I get Started?

Ready to go?

Well hold up just a minute, you need to decide what you’re going to do first.

TaleFlick has a few options that you can pick from. Quickly take a look and decide which you want to use. Personally, I don’t have a book that is published and I would want one before moving forward.

You can also have them create your own Pitch-Page. So, pick your choice and get going.

Let’s Binge Watch

By the end of this week, my wife and I will have watched the entire season of our new show that’s coming out.

Like everyone else, we will then be looking for our next show.

If you go through TaleFlick and get a show or movie on there let me know. 

I know it won’t be in time for my “next” show, but down the road maybe you’ll be my “current show”.

I look forward to seeing more and more people succeeding with this. Especially one of my readers.

Disclosure: I did receive a small compensation for this article, however, all the thoughts and feelings are my own.

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