April Income Report

Every month I will be documenting my income from all of my side hustles. As I am just starting out some (more like all) of these amounts will be very little or even nothing. In full future me style though I’m going to include things that I may not even be doing yet because I know that in the future these things will be bringing in an income.

Rideshare Income $98.67 Miles Driven 156 Time  hours 6.75

This comes out to $14.61, not bad but after factoring in the cost of driving it does become far less. Lyft did cut their fee’s by 30% in my area which has cut my profits. If you go back to previous income reports you can see that the driving income is much higher. You will also see that the hours are a lot more as well so that makes sense.

The reason I have been driving less is I have had other things going on, I’m teaching someone how to pass the CPTC test for their job which has taken up much of the time I would typically be driving.

I also have got a client for writing (see more about that below) which to make sure that I did a good job on that I took out some time from driving to get that done and I don’t regret that for a moment.

Moving forward I should have more time to drive, my 9 to 5 is going to change for a few weeks which will actually give me more time to drive people home from work, one of my favorite groups of people.

If you are interested in driving for Lyft click here , or if you want to start using Lyft as a passenger click here.

Real Estate Income $0.00

I still have not started my path to getting my license for this.

As I mentioned in the March Income report I’m hoping to start working on getting my real estate liscense in May. I have looked at a few classes online and decided which one I will be going with, I just have to put the funds together to pay for it, I’m going to try to drive more this month in order to pay for the class, and I’m hoping to start it by May 15th at the latest.

Blog Income $0.00

One of my co-workers keeps telling me that I need to be putting google adwords on the site. As I’ve mentioned many times in the past I don’t like the look of them and don’t want them on the site.

This site is not intended to make money, but I do feel I should have some forms of monetization for the work I’m putting in. The links on this page for driving for lyft or being a passenger or driver will get me a small commision at no cost to you but that is the only affiliate link I have thus far on the site.

In the next few months I plan on adding more and more affiliate links which will cost those who use them nothing and make me a little money. My goal is not to use this money to retire off of or anything just to pay the basic bills for running the site.

Freelance Income $75.00

This is my favorite number of the month. I finally was hired by Hayley over at DiseaseCalledDebt.com and wrote this article, this one, and this one.

She left a comment in my February income post and asked me to email her which lead the whole thing. I’m extremely grateful to Hayley for the opportunity and look forward to working with her as long as she’ll have me.

I learned a lot with doing these articles, first the amount of time that goes into writing articles are a lot more than I thought. Even working on this blog has taught me that, but when you are writing for someone else it takes more effort.

I had everyone I could think of read the first article before submitting it, I rewrote it around 4 times and spent hours working on a 700 word article. If you do the math the hourly rate isn’t really that good, but the experience is amazing. I love being able to tell people that I am writing for a income that I got paid to write an article. It’s a great feeling and the amount of money isn’t that important to me yet. It’s more than if I did nothing, had I not put myself out there this never would have happened.

So I urge all of you that haven’t done so yet, haven’t put yourself out there for what you want to accomplish do it, I’m not a full time freelance writer yet, but in the future I very well could be just like I want to be.

If you have any suggestions or maybe a freelance opportunity that you have please let me know by contacting me at tjphilbrook@gmail.com.

Amazon FBA Income $66.80

More than tripled my March income here. I have been doing this as more of a hobby than anything, however the month of April brought a lot more sales than I thought it would. Because of these near the end of the month I finally paid for the seller pro account ($40 a month). A few benefits to this is that you no longer have to pay for the $0.99 fee per item (so if you sell 40 items in a month it pays for itself).

You also now have the opportunity to gain access to restricted items that not everyone can sell. Things that can bring a lot more profit when you find them.

The best benefit is that when you get paid you get the total amount due to you. When you aren’t a pro seller the amount you get may only be a small portion of whats owed to you. You will eventually get the total amount but it may be spread out over 3 weeks instead of getting it all every week. Getting money faster means I can reinvest into more merchandise which in turn will provide more profits it’s a win win.

Misc. Income $153.00

Later this month I will be putting up a post about this in greater detail. It’s kind of all the income that comes from little things that I don’t think need their own place.

Wrap Up

My ultimate goal is to get all of the side incomes to match or surpass mine and my wife’s current 9 to 5 incomes.

Monthly Income Needed: $3,000
Side Income Total: $393.47
Difference: $2606.53

13.11% of the income needed, though an increase over March the income is still much lower than I’m happy with. It’s also way below my goal for April which was $1,000.

A few things cut the amount I made which made the goal not reached. First, I didn’t drive much for lyft something that can bring in a lot of income if I let it. Second, not being a pro seller on amazon much of the sales that I made in April are not going to be paid out till May (I did almost $900 in sales through Amazon and only got paid $66.80). Third, I should have some sort of monetization on this blog that would provided some income and I don’t.

Next Month

I’m looking forward to see more income from Amazon. The first payment will be over $400 a HUGE increase over April. I’m not going to spend this money just reinvest in to the amazon account in order to make more income from this in the future.

I’m also hoping to increase my freelance income. Hayley has some more projects for me I’m looking forward to, but I’m also going to try to find some new clients for more income.

How was your month? Did you make as much as you had anticipated? What are you going to do differently this month to make sure you become the “future me”? Commit to it now by telling us in the comments bellow.

Links in this article may contain affiliate links where I will receive a commission from at no additional cost to you.

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