Best Free Personal Finance Apps

This is a guest post from Hellen McAdams.

Managing your money has always been a full-time job. And with all the regular work that needs to be done every day, it’s really hard to spare some time to go through all the expense sheets and to try to manage your budget the right way.

Luckily enough, there are lots of apps out there that have proven to be a real lifesaver when it comes to these dreaded tasks. With a little bit of setting up, your money management concerns will vanish as the whole process becomes pretty much automated.

In this article, we shortlisted 5 of the most interesting money management apps that we found on AppStore or Google Play. And the important thing is – these are all free.


If you have done a little research on the subject already, you probably have heard of Mint. This app is pretty much trending currently and its popularity has increased during the last couple of years.

The reason behind it is that Mint really is user-friendly and requires all the basic features one person needs to keep his finances healthy.

You can add different bank accounts, input projected monthly income and import all the bills that you need to pay on a monthly level.

Also, Mint handles all portions of debt (on the basic level) and calculates how much money you are giving away as a form of debt repayment.

When given a nice and clean overview, you are able to make more informed decisions on possible ways to cut down your monthly expenses by spending less on certain things.


Alongside Mint, this cute little app with beautifully designed interface goes a step forward and gives you the opportunity to calculate your daily spending limit regarding of the inputs.

In Wally, firstly, you can set your savings monthly target. Then you can track your progress from the home screen as this app shows you how much money you have left to spend on a daily basis.

Also, Wally provides you with an opportunity to integrate it with your iCloud apps so you can set reminders and stuff. Really useful and neat!


If you have that bit of a hustler in you, and you are always finding new ways to make money on the side than Acorns is perfect for you.

This app can transform every one of us into an investor in a jiffy. Of course, Acorns does it in a simplified yet very intuitive way. All you need to do is input annual salary, employment status, expectations and how much risk averse you are. As a result, Acorns will set you up with some nice investment opportunities that will help you multiply your money.

And although many of you (especially those into investing) may find this app oversimplified, it really fulfills its purpose and works just fine for a lot of investment beginners.

CK (CreditKarma)

It’s not Calvin Klein, it’s the money management app that will help you handle your loan repayment (if you have any) by consolidating your debt. CK will make it easier for you to take another loan if you need one.

We all know the equation: higher credit rating = lower interest rate for you and greater possibility that the bank will allow you another credit line.

In terms of debt management, this app is a real bingo.


Probably the most ingenious name for a money management app (in my humble opinion at least), Robinhood pretty much wraps it all up in one solution.

Robinhood contains a database of all available stocks and bonds updated on an hourly basis and gives you the opportunity to link your bank account and use your funds to buy some of the listed stocks.

Plus it gives your free trading rates for US securities and OTC securities.

Robinhood has an awesome user interface which resonates with both ends of the user spectrum – both beginners and investing experts will enjoy using this app!

Hellen McAdams works as a strategist at but personally cares about working out a good personal finance strategy, as well. If you have any comments or questions, shoot her a question at @hellen_mcadams.

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