15 Books That Will Change Your Business And Life

I have been working on the side growing a business for well over 2 years now.

To say that everything has been a success would be a gross exaggeration, in fact, the vast majority has not been.

One of the main ways that I’ve made any success is by constantly taking in more knowledge through books. Here is a list of some of the many books I’ve read that have helped me grow my business.

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Will It Fly

If you have no business and no idea how to start one this is the book for you. Pat takes you from having an idea for a business to actually taking steps to make sure the business will work.

It really saves you the time from spending time and money creating something that doesn’t work and points you the way you should go.

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The School Of Greatness

There are few books that I can say have “saved my life” but this one truly has.

It’s more of a lifestyle book than a business book. It talks about dealing with your personal problems, making sure you have the right team in place, and being healthy so you can get more things done.

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Virtual Freedom

This is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. Though had I read it when I first started it wouldn’t have been good at all.

When you first start a business you wear all the hats. When the business grows it becomes necessary to start hiring people to do certain things. This book helps you know when that time comes and how to work with a team when the time does come.

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The Power Of When

Are you a night owl? Or an early bird? Well, this book may have different names for it (Dolphin, Bear, Wolf, and Lion) but it’s the same thing.

With the help of this book, you’ll learn when is the best time to sleep, work, eat, and exercise. It is a must for helping you work and focus when you will be able to do it the best.

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Born For This

Have you ever felt you were meant for something more? That you could and should be doing something else? This is the book for you.

Not everyone is going to be an actor, or a politician, a great businessman. Some people are going to be the best at whatever they do. This book helps you focus on what it is that you were born for and how to spend all your efforts being the best at it.

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Deep Work

This world is designed to take our attention and focus on what they want us to focus on. Think about the last time you stood in line at a grocery store. Did you just sit there and wait to pay for your groceries, or did you take your phone out scroll through social media and impatiently wait for your turn. Are you reading this while you’re in line?

This book helps to focus on what you need to, how to do truly deep work in less time and accomplish so much more.

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Level Up Your Life

Are you a nerd like me? Do you love superheroes and sci-fi? Have you ever watched an action movie and thought how cool that person is?

This book helps you to realize that you’re not going to have a life like that unless you work towards it. It also shows you how to do it.

Whether it’s by getting in shape, or focusing on a business with this book you can level up your life.

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If you have no customers you have no business. If you have no returning customers than your business likely won’t grow.

This book will help you learn how to get in front of an audience if you don’t have one. Once you get one, how to do find out what they really want and need?

This book helps you do all that and more.

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Nurses Bred For Business

This book is geared towards nurses. Think how hard they work, how much they have to do in a single shift to literally keep people alive. It’s a stressful job that is not for the faint of heart.

This book helps nurses, and really anyone, to go from wanting to start a new project and how to accomplish your goals.

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Let Go

Pat Flynn is one of my biggest heroes when it comes to online business. This is his story of how he was let go and started his online business.

Though it doesn’t really give instructions on how to start a business or anything, it provides encouragement that shows you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

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Google SEO For Bloggers

If you have a website, and if you have a business you should, then you need to know at least the basics of SEO (search engine optimization).

Depending on your business model you need to focus on different things. This particular book helps bloggers get traffic, and is one of if not the best book on the subject I’ve ever read.

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Rich Habits

I have been told so many times how “lucky” I am to work from home and not have a schedule like most people. And I agree I’m very fortunate, but it wasn’t an accident. It took a lot of long days, a lot of work, and help from family and friends.

This very quick read (less than 2 hours) is packed with such great things that all successful people do, and you can too.

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The Miracle Morning

You don’t have time to work on a business with everything else you have going on?

This book helps you get more done before 8 am then most people will do all day.

I know you’re probably thinking that you’re not a morning person, but so many others have said the same thing but with the help of this book you can most certainly become one.

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The Mask Of Masculinity

This book has nothing to do with business, but more importantly, it’s for more than just men.

This book talks about all kinds of things that men go through, how they cope, and how they need to change.

It doesn’t teach the best way to run a business, it teaches the best way to run your life and if your life is right your business will fall in line.

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The 4-Hour Workweek

No list of books to help you start and run a business would be complete without Tim Ferris book.

This book really needs to details as most have read it already.

For those few that haven’t it is the go-to guide to starting a business and living the life of your dreams by working smarter not harder.

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What Did I Miss?

Have you read any or all of these books? Are there any books not on the list you think I should add to my read list.

Interested in following all the books I have and want to read? Check out my Goodreads profile, I keep it pretty up to date.


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  1. Hi, Tyler
    Awesome collection of books, thank you for this amazing article.
    I’m currently reading Will It Fly by Pat and have made so many changes already of things that just weren’t flying. I’ll bookmark this page and come back to buy the next one.

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