Are You Living Mindfully? With Cait Flanders 016

How many of us consume too much?

Do you eat too much, read too much, play too much, or do anything else too much? Even good things can become too much if we spend too much time on it.

Today’s guest has not only realized this but made massive changes in her life in order to live the life she wants.

Enjoy Cait Flanders from

Show Notes:

  • Cait Flanders has had many business projects: Blonde on a Budget, Honest Money Conversations, and Budgets and Sense.
  • She began blogging about her journey to get out of debt in 2011, and eventually achieved getting out of debt in 2013.
  • Cait’s writing topics have shifted from money to intentional living, simple living, and being mindful of what we consume.
  • Overconsumption can have a negative effect on our health and our outlooks on life.
  • Keep talking about the things you need to change and want to pursue to get input and positive reinforcement to help you get to the place where you can start making them happen.
  • There is way too much pressure to be perfect. You don’t always have to be the solution; there is also value in sharing your journey instead of just the end result.
  • Trying something new gives her a bigger boost in confidence.
  • Making mistakes makes you even better at that thing next time.
  • Cait wants to write more books and wants to have a career as an author, and business-wise she wants to bring the outdoors into her work.
  • We may start on one journey, but that doesn’t mean that is what we are always going to do.
  • What value does this thing bring to me, and if I feel bad, what shift can I make in my relationship to that bad feeling?

3 Key Points:

  1. Consumption is not just what we spend our money on, but it includes: foods, drinks, things we bring into our homes, media, and information.
  2. Pick the media sources that add real value to your life and let go of the ones that don’t.
  3. What you start with isn’t what you always have to stay with.

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