Is Rideshare Driving Safe?

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If you have ever thought about driving for Uber or Lyft, odds are that you have asked whether or not it’s safe, how much can you really make, and how flexible is it really?

After over a year of driving myself here is what I can tell you. Continue reading “Is Rideshare Driving Safe?”

Rideshare Is Important to My Financial Future and Yours Too

It seems like yesterday that I recieved my very first Lyft Request. I was on my way home and decided to try it since I had some time. I was so nervous I couldn’t have been any good. Now over a year later rideshare is still a big deal for me. Here’s why. Continue reading “Rideshare Is Important to My Financial Future and Yours Too”

Driving To My Future

In the future I will be debt free, I will be financially independent and live off of the income from my passive and online income. I’m 100% sure of this fact, because I’m currently doing so much work now to make sure that future version of me I envision is in fact the one that comes to be.

One of the biggest ways I’m doing this is through ridesharing, as part of my debt repayment plan I make additional income other than my 9 to 5 partly through driving for Lyft. But, is it really worth it to drive for Lyft? Does it make that much of a difference? Do I make anything after I factor in my time and expenses? Well I’m going to break down all of that here. Continue reading “Driving To My Future”