How I Have Changed In The Last 2 Years

Change is a part of life, or so the saying goes. I am no stranger to change, moving from Maine to Florida, or leaving a steady 9 to 5 to be self-employed. But the last 2 years of my life have probably been the most changeful of my life.

Though there are many things that have changed in the last 2 years I’m going to focus on the three areas. How I’ve changed physically, fiscally, and emotionally.


Almost every month for years I have said that I’m going to get in shape, I’m finally going to take care of my health. For the last few years my Doctor has been telling my my triglycerides are too high and I need to make a change otherwise he will be forced to put me on medication. Though I made some changes the numbers didn’t improve and I was put on medicine.

About 6 months ago I started a new diet recommended by my older brother. Unlike diets I’ve done in the past it isn’t a “do this for 30 days” type thing. Instead it literally changes your life. Though I haven’t been as good on the diet as my brother I have stuck pretty well to it. The last time I went to the Doctor he told me my numbers are so good that if I keep this up he’ll take me off the medicine he started me on less than a year ago.

Though I’m still overweight I’m now feeling healthier than I have in years.


2 Years ago I started this blog and told everyone of my credit card debt. Though the credit cards are paid down significantly I haven’t really fixed the symptoms. I do still have debt I just transferred it to a lower rate through a personal loan. This has saved my money and made my life easier as it lowered my monthly payments.

Even still, I’m still in much the same situation I was in when I started. The debt may be going away but it’s going away in a way that feels too slow. Though I’m growing a business and have an emergency fund that make me feel comfortable enough to be self-employed it doesn’t change the debt.

Technically my net worth has gone up significantly however I’m holding off paying off my debt as I now don’t have the security of a 9 to 5.


I feel better, I’m less stressed than ever before in my life possibly. I have a schedule I enjoy, work I enjoy. Most important I get to spend time with the people I care about. I don’t think I’ve seen my wife as much as I have the last few weeks, I don’t think I’ve spoken with family on the phone as much as I have the last two weeks. I also haven’t felt this secure about an emergency coming along as I have the last few weeks.

I have more time to do the things that relax me, like reading, walking, and cooking. Saving me money because I don’t go out as often, and making me healthier because of the extra physical activity.

How Have You Changed?

How have you changed in the last few years? Got in shape or paid down debt? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. Thanks K.P, I have no intention of stopping no matter how difficult the path becomes. Thanks for stopping by.

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