Courses I’ve Taken, And Ones I Want Too

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Almost 2 years ago I started my journey towards leaving my 9 to 5. It was through a lot of trial and error and the education I’ve received that I’ve been able to reach my goals.

So what is it that I’ve done to grow to this point? Besides the hard work and long hours I’ve taken many many courses, and plan on taking many more. Here are the one’s I’ve taken thus far and the ones I plan to in the future.

Courses I’ve Taken

Guest Blogging – Jon Morrow

The very first course I ever did. Jon explains in the very first video how few people actually finish the course and I was determined to do so.

It took me longer to finish than I thought it would but I did finally finish and am fortunately a Graduate of this program.

To check out this course and possibly sign up for yourself click here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

After nearly 2 years of blogging, and going full time freelancer, I decided it was time to start monetizing my site. Though I don’t want to become salesy (sleazy or whatever) I do feel like I should get a little income from this site. After all I get paid to write for other sites I should also be able to make money from my own.

This course will be helping me monetize the site in a way that not only makes me some income, but also benefits all of you with what I recommend.

In fact if you ever feel like I am recommending something just for the income it could bring me let me know and if I can’t explain it in a satisfactory answer then I will stop recommending it.

Interested in signing up for this course? Check it out here

The Selling Family Vault – Jessica and Cliff Larrew

If you have been watching my income reports for any amount of time you’ll see that a large portion (over 50%) of that income comes from Amazon.

Though yes I learned a lot from trial and error, I bought this course to help me learn more. Not only would it have saved me a lot of loss in profit and helped me avoid many mistakes had I bought it before I started, but it also helped me learn about online arbitrage (buying things online instead of in a retail store).

Not only that but it comes with a great Facebook community that is worth the entire price of the course as any question I have ever asked has been answered within minutes by someone who has gone through it before.

Ready to give The Selling Family a try and start selling on Amazon? Click here

Maximum Rideshare Profit – Harry Campbell

Though you wouldn’t be able to tell from my latest income reports, rideshare driving is very important to my future, as it can provide almost immediate income.

This course shows you ways to work smarter instead of harder. Every day more and more drivers start going out and taking the passengers you could get. Most of them have no idea what they are doing and would never spend more money to learn. Taking this course will give you an edge over most drivers as Harry has been a driver for a long time and has done thousands of rides.

Not only that but he talks to other drivers regularly and implements what he learns into his course.

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success – Gina Horkey

Before taking this course the most I had been paid for an article was $25. Since I’ve made as much as $1900 for one project. Yes you read that correct and it literally took only a few days. I actually got the client that ended up being my biggest client to date the same day I bought the course.

I could go on and on about this course… in fact I already have.

Interested in starting or increasing your freelancing? Click here

Want To Take

Though I have taken many courses, and I have increased my income enough to allow me to leave my 9 to 5 job there are still plenty of course I would love to take.

Zero to Launch – Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi has a no nonsense way about him that I love. His book is amazing, his free content is amazing, I can only guess that his courses will be amazing.

Now I’m not just interested in taking this course because of the free stuff he’s given me (though I love paying back). Instead I want to take it because I have so many ideas on business ideas and things to do that I need some help and focus. Not only that but I need to find more ways to monetize that this course will provide.

Power-Up Podcasting – Pat Flynn

One of the things I am looking forward to doing is starting a Podcast. I currently have a few idea’s on what to speak about on a podcast.

One idea is to have a interview type show where I have a different person on each week that has gone through a major change to become their future self. Whether that’s financially, physically, mentally or any other way.

Another idea is keeping it a strictly financial podcast where we talk about changes that most people are unwilling to make but helps your future self.

Whatever I choose I hope it’s taken well, which is why I want to take this course to help me make this and other decisions regarding a future podcast.

The School of Greatness Academy – Lewis Howes

I first came in to contact with Lewis Howes being interviewed on one of the Smart Passive Income Podcast episodes. I then saw his book available on Goodreads for free. I signed up an won and I am so glad I did because the book was amazing.

With that being the case I think his course will be even better, helping me to master my finances, business, and health.

Smart From Scratch – Pat Flynn

I may take this course instead of Ramit’s but I’m not sure yet. Both take you from nothing to a business, and Pat’s is definitely cheaper.

This course is based off of his book Will It Fly?. Where it helps you decide if a business idea is worth your time and money before you waste said time or money. It just has a little bit more hand holding then a book does making it more likely to succeed.

Find A Mentor

Courses are great, and important for growing personally and in business. That being said having a mentor would likely grow my business even faster. I don’t know exactly how to find one, I know there are some that will do it for a price but I can’t currently pay the price asked.

Anyone has any thoughts or idea’s here let me know. But I look forward to the time that I have more success.

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