Debt Is Not A Death Sentence With Melanie Lockert – 019

Has your debt ever depressed you?

To the point of wanting to commit suicide?

That may sound crazy, or ridiculous to you, but it is, unfortunately, a truth that so many go through on a regular basis.

Today’s guest is striving to help all those going through this.

Today we discuss

Being grateful for debt.

Moving can help to pay debt down.

You can only cut back costs so much, you will need to earn more money.

How to continue to be motivated to work side hustles when you have no time.

Debt free dream list

Afford to say “no”

Debt is NOT a death sentence

There is hope even if you don’t feel like it.

And so much more….

Sites Mentioned

Dear Debt
Even Steven Money
Nerd Wallet


Dear Debt Book (Affiliate link)
Dear Debt Letters
My Dear Debt Letter
Lola Retreat
Annual Suicide Prevention Blog Tour
Melanie’s Article on Suicide and Debt
Woman Kills Herself For $800
National Suicide Prevention Hotline –1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line – Text HOME to 741741

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