I Don’t Need To Be Financially Independent, Just Location Independent

Most, if not everyone wants to be “financially independent”, especially if they are reading sites like this. But truth is I don’t really need to be financially independent, just location Independent.

What Is Location Independence?

Location independence, unlike financial independence, means that you can live anywhere in the world, live, work and survive if not thrive.

In order to do this you have to have the right job. It could be a work from home that doesn’t require you ever step foot in the office, like a call center or VA work. Or a business that you run that you can do so no matter where you are in the world.

Why I Want Location Not Financial Independence

Being financial independent would mean  I’m also location independent, however being location independent does not mean financial independence.

I want to be able to visit friends and family for extended periods of time and not have to worry about money. I want to be able to on a whim go for a week to another city, state, or even country and not have to worry about paying for it.

Being location independent doesn’t mean I don’t have to worry about money, in fact I will have to work in whatever location I’m in. But, I’ll be able to visit my family in Maine for a month at a time rather than just a week. I’ll be able to go to conferences like FinCon, I’ll be able to take long road trips stopping to work along the way.

How Will I Reach Location Independence?

The businesses I’m growing are specific in that I can do them from anywhere. I drive for rideshare, something that I could do from anywhere. I also freelance for other people and make money that way. And of course Amazon FBA.

Freelancing is the easiest to do from anywhere. I pitch clients online and talk to them on the phone or through email. That’s not location dependent, instead it requires my laptop and my cell phone.

Amazon is a little more tricky. I’ve looked into it and I can easily change my location. There are also services that will do all the work for you if you send them the products which could make it easier for me especially when volume goes up.


Though financial independence would be great, and provide location independence the truth is I don’t need it to be happy. I need to be able to spend time with friends and family, I need to be able to spend time volunteering, I need to exercise and stay in shape.

By gaining location independence through growing my business I will provide myself with the joy of being able to go anywhere without having to be financially independent.

If you really figure out what it is you want, you may find out you don’t need as much as you think.

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13 thoughts on “I Don’t Need To Be Financially Independent, Just Location Independent”

  1. In the words of Cosmo Kramer, “You’re scratching my itch!”

    I came to a very similar conclusion late last year. It’s all built off the foundation that personal independence is greater than financial independence.

    So happy to have found another person with similar thoughts. Must be something about our names! 😉

    1. It’s all in the name haha. It’s been something on my mind, for a long time I was focused on saving so much money that I could live off of it and be happy. Then I discovered I could find a job and become location independent which is what I really want anyway.

      I hope we both meet our goal.

  2. I love this. Right now I live in the midwest, but I am NOT a fan of winter. I want to move to the coast. Mr. Beach Life is also not a fan of winter, but he actually likes the changing of seasons. I hope that we can structure our lives so that we can follow the good weather-which means having jobs or income that is not location dependent.

    1. My wife an I differ greatly on what we like climate wise. I’m from the Northern Maine woods and she is from the beaches of Florida (where we currently live). We have no seasons and it’s always hot so we’re trying to figure out a happy medium we can go to that will make both of us happy.

  3. “If you really figure out what it is you want, you may find out you don’t need as much as you think.” This is so true. Knowing yourself and what you want is really important. For a lot of years I thought I wanted the big career, big house, and big lifestyle, but I was way off base. Unfortunately it took me a long time to realize what I truly wanted was a lot simpler. I’m glad you’re getting it figured out sooner than later.

    1. Gary I am so glad that I’ve learned this early in life. I look at both my parents and see the difficulties they are going through both financially and health wise and want nothing to do with it. I know what I want, what will make my wife and I happy and that’s what we’re going to do.

  4. My baby is 3 and I’m trying to set myself up in a position to make enough money blogging and freelancing that I don’t have to go back to a location dependent job. I hadn’t necessarily considered all the benefits that entails like you mentioned here. I’ll grab hold of any independence I can get.

    1. Any way I can indeed. I don’t have children but have thought that if we do happen to have any I would want to be home with them instead of at work all day. Keep up the hard work.

  5. I fully agree. I’d love to have a job not tethered to a specific location. Early on in your career there is no replacement for face time if your a corporate employee. As time passes though even in a non self employed manner these options start to present themselves.

    1. I agree 100%, I have a close friend who works for a company and travels all over the world because she can work from anywhere as long as she has cell service. Time zones are a bit difficult for her as sometimes she has to work at 9 EST and that’s 2am for her or something. But yes this doesn’t have to be self employed but it does help.

  6. I think location independence would be awesome – though it’ll never happen with stage management. I do like the idea of being able to bring in income doing whatever I want outside of stage managing, so when I’m between gigs I can just go anywhere.

    1. Mel, that is crazy I know you love the stage management but it definitely isn’t something I wouldn’t want to do. It would be great though if when you’re between gigs you can just do whatever you want.

  7. I have realised I also don’t need, maybe don’t even want financial independence. In that, I can’t see me ceasing to work at all when I reach 40. But the freedom of greater flexibility, on the other hand, is incredibly appealing!

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