Dropping Everything to Go Away Without Permission

Last year a very dear family friend past away and though it was a sad time for us I was able to go home at the drop of a hat.

Earlier this year I also had a funeral to go to in another state and the same thing. I booked the flight and left. I didn’t have to check with someone to make sure I could get the time off.

I didn’t have to worry about the money for the tickets or food while I was there.

However it wasn’t always like this. It took time and work to get to this point.  Here are the contributing factors for me being able to just pick up and go with no notice.

2 Years Growing The Business

I started working on side hustles and growing a business, any business, in June 2015.  It wasn’t until June 2017 that I left my 9 to 5 and now only work for myself.

So, what happened in between?

Failed A Lot

I started writing articles on HubPages and infobarrel, and made no money from it. In fact, checking right now I’ve had a total of 321 views over 11 articles in the last 3 years, I can get that in a day on this site sometimes.

I also tried a different blog before this one, one that is no longer around.

Succeeded A Little

There were a few things that did work though. First, was rideshare driving.

When I first started down this path, ride share driving was really the only cash positive side hustle I was doing. Not only that, but I did enjoy it.  As more and more time went on, and I tried to make more and more money from it, it felt too much like a job and not a hobby or side hustle.

Then, Amazon FBA came into my life and even though it took longer than I would have liked to get started it eventually turned into a very profitable business.

Never Gave Up

The most important thing I did was I never gave up. I didn’t give up when family and friends told me rideshare driving was unsafe.

I didn’t give up when I had to max out credit cards that I had spent a long time paying off in order to put more inventory into Amazon.

I didn’t give up when people told me no one would want to read what I have to write.

Bottom line, I didn’t give up. I may have changed what I was doing a few times over the years, but I continued to do something always striving to reach the final goal of independence.

Built An Emergency Fund

The most important thing I did in order to leave my full-time job and work for myself was to build up savings.

This took a long time to save up; around 10 months worth of pay. But once I had that, and with the encouragement of my wife, I took the plunge and left my full-time job.

My side hustles were not making enough money to pay the bills at that time, honestly, they weren’t even close. Yet, having the savings allowed us to have me work on my business and freelancing full time and not have to worry about money for at least 10 months.

When I left I gave myself 6 months, I left in June, and if I wasn’t making enough money to pay the bills by the end of December I was going to start looking for a new job. Fortunately for me, I was able to stop living off the savings and live off the income in 5 months.

Keep My Life Simple

My wife and I strive to keep our financial life as simple as possible. We don’t drive new cars, though we’ll likely get a new-to-us car in the near future.

We don’t have the latest gadgets, but when we do get new things we do buy quality.  I would say there are 3 things we have done that really keep our lives simple and make it so we don’t need as much money as most people.

No Pets

We would love to have pets, a cat, a dog, or both would work great for us. However, we travel a lot, are out of the house for long periods of time during the day, and don’t have a yard or anything for the animals to enjoy themselves.

On top of that, the costs can really add up having pets. Not only do you have to feed them, but you also need to get toys, get medicine, bathe them, not to mention the time spent caring for an animal that would take away from the time you could be working on something else.

No Kids

I spend a lot of time around kids, a lot of times I feel like a big kid, and my wife loves to have kids around, as long as she can give them back. In fact, we get to have our nephews at least once a week which is nice for us.

But, to have our own kids? No, we aren’t interested. Our lives would massively change, we wouldn’t travel as much, wouldn’t be away from the house as often. Don’t get me wrong if it happens, it happens, and we will be happy to make the changes, but we aren’t going to try for it to happen.

Small House

As I write this article I’m sitting in my living room/ office/dining room/library/everything else. Our condo is small and there isn’t much room for anything.

It’s large enough for us, most of the time, and allows us to save money on rent (we pay far less than most people in our area) and possibly in the future get our own larger place.


So, yes many times I’m able to drop whatever is going on and do something I need or even just want to do. I can catch a movie in the middle of the day, I can meet friends for lunch, or have people over for lunch, but this life didn’t happen overnight.  It isn’t without its own type of sacrifices.

Most importantly, it isn’t for everyone. This is what I wanted, this is the life I dreamed of, that doesn’t mean everyone would want it. There are many things I could do to make more money, to have nicer cars, a bigger house, and the latest and greatest of gadgets but that isn’t the life I want.

So, find out the life you want, and work towards that.  Find out what you need to do to live it and do it.




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