Erin Lowry Is Not A Broke Millennial!

“Tyler it’s about finances how interesting could that be?” 

“What are you reading about?”…”Debt to income ratio a real page turner”

“You LIKE reading books like that?”

While my family was in town I had the privilege to read Erin Lowry’s book Broke Millennial. As you can see in the quotes above they didn’t think highly of me reading a book about finances.

I explained to them that it was for a friend from the FinCon community that wrote it and that I wanted to read it for them. Not only that but it actually was a interesting, and at times funny book.

Ready to start reading Broke Millennial? Click here (not an affiliate link, I literally get nothing if you buy this book that’s how good it is)

Is The Broke Mellennial Just For Millennial’s?

The title of the book may be a bit misleading. No not just millennials can enjoy and learn from this book. Yes, it is geared towards us (and why not there isn’t much helping us with our finances). However anyone can learn from this book.

What Will You Learn?

If I told you everything in the book, there would be no need for you to buy it (which I did…paperback, kindle, and audible versions). But the basics are:

  • How to make a budget you’ll actually stick with
  • How to use credit cards instead of them using you
  • Get out of consumer debt
  • Whether you should save, pay off debt, or both
  • The way to invest without it feeling like gambling
  • How to get naked with your partner, financially
  • And way more.
My Favorite Parts Of The Broke Millennial

What I absolutely love about this book is that it isn’t really designed to be read from front to back (though I did and you should too). Instead it’s made so that you can quickly get answers to things you are actually working on now.

Have debt you want to pay off? This book will help you figure out the best way to take care of it. Want to invest in the future, retire early, or live a location independent life? Erin walks you through how to negotiate your income, save more of it, and use it in the best way possible.

The chapter on getting financially naked with your partner is written so well. It’s entertaining from the get go (I need to meet Peach sounds like a great guy) and also educational.

Talking to your spouse about money is often times the hardest part about being in a relationship. Erin gives exact questions to ask to build up to “full frontal nudity” making it that much easier to talk about

Go Buy This Book

Are you convinced yet that you should buy this book? Click over to Amazon and buy it. Whether you get the paperback, kindle, audible, or all 3 like me you won’t regret it.




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