My Favorite 5 Blogs

One of the things I’m really excited about when it comes to working for myself is being able to read more of my favorite blogs.

Though I can list 40 or 50 blogs I like, there are a few that I read every article that they write and you should too. Here they are.

Cait Flanders Formerly Blonde On A Budget

Cait not only has a personal friend but an amazing inspiration to all of use who want to get their financial life together. She has been able to get out of consumer debt when at one point she wasn’t even able to look at her credit report.

Not only does she talk about finances, and the famous shopping band, but also about living intentionally, and minimalism though not in the traditional way. Trust me she’s awesome you should read her blog.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the most amazing online entrepreneur that I’ve met and hope to someday call a friend. His podcast is what got me started with online business and ultimately leaving my 9 to 5. If you have any desire to grow a business, whether as a hobby or full time, then check out his blog.

Mr. Free At 33

Jason Fieber is completely financially free at 33 years old. Not only did he cut his expense but raised his income by side hustling while working more than full time at a car dealership.

Though he is able to cover his expenses with his passive income the amount of income he receives would not pay for most peoples bills, it wouldn’t even pay some peoples rent, but his expenses are very low.

Though he isn’t for everyone with his extreme frugality, and we differ on many things, it was because of him that I started this blog and really trying to get out of debt and start investing. Check out his blog as soon as possible.

Millennial Money Man

Bobby sent out an email a while ago about offering coaching and I took him up on that offer. Though I didn’t follow through on everything he told me, a mistake I will fix, the few things I have done have made a huge impact on my business.

He mostly talks about finances, and is unforgiving in his views, so check out his blog and see how great he is.

The Selling Family

The Selling Family,, AKA Jessica and Cliff are the reason I have had any success at Amazon, my largest income source.

If you have ever thought about selling on Amazon, read their free stuff and possibly sign up for their courses, I personally recommend the vault but it is a bit pricey.


If you are looking for some other blogs that can help you get your finances in order, grow a business, or just want to be entertained you need to read these and many other blogs.

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