Favorite Articles From Week of December 14th 2015

Every week as mentioned in my first article I will be talking about my favorite 5 articles from the week from other blogs. I think it’s important for a number of reasons. First, to show that I follow many financial bloggers with much more experience than I have and am always learning more. Second, because if you find my blog but not any of these others than you should start following these because I know from personal experience that they are really great.

So in no particular Order here they are:

1. 11 Tips From My New Millionaire Friend on Budgets are $exy 

Here J. Money goes deep into what one of his readers said about how he has successfully become a millionaire. It wasn’t making a million dollars a year, or starting a major business, or winning the lottery. As you read you’ll find that it’s hard work, investing early, avoiding lifestyle inflation, and living off of the same amount no matter how much you make. So many great things to learn in here and my short synopsis does not give it justice. Go read for yourself because it’s really encouraging to talk to someone who has already been where we are, and has got to where we want to go.

2. How Starting A Blog Grew My Opportunities To Make Money on DebtRoundup

Grayson Bell explains how his life has changed since blogging. Specifically the ways that his income has changed in that time. Through advertisements, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, and other things he has been able to increase his income to the point that he no longer has to work at a “day job” and can focus more on his own blog and on other projects he wants to do. This means a lot to me because this is my end goal, I’m hoping that by making sure that I continue to post good articles on this blog that I too will get some freelance opportunities, that through some affiliates I’m going to use that I will be able to use that money to not only leave my day job but also get out of debt. Grayson is truly a inspiration for me to attain to.

3. 15 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Finances) Before the End of 2015 on Blonde On a Budget

Cait is one of the most inspirational bloggers (in my opinion) that I follow, she has gone from being in debt to now not only not in debt but saving for the future. Not only that she is also in the middle of a two year shopping ban which led me to do a month long shopping ban that, well, better follow Cait’s example not mine for now.

This article lays out several things you can do before the end of the year (only a few weeks away) that will make your life a little simpler and hopefully more enjoyable. I know that after reading this article I went and started working on my finances for next year as well as planning some time with my wife as it also encourages some down time. I think that you will really enjoy this article.

4. Dear Debt, You Don’t Own Me Anymore – I’m Debt Free on Dear Debt

If you aren’t following Melanie, well do so. She is an amazing writer and freelancer who got in a lot of debt after school, like most people. She has now gone from making just enough to get by to being able to not only make more than enough to pay her bills but get her debt completely paid off in a pretty short time. I was so happy for her when this article came out.

What’s interesting to note about it is that she did use some of her savings to get out of debt, as well as not put money in to her tax account this month in order to finish off the debt. The thing that strikes me about that is that having money in the bank feels good, but if you have to choose between having your account have money in it or being debt free. For the most part it feels a lot better to be debt free and now Melanie is free from that terrible chain of debt and can grow even more into her financial freedom.

5. Why A Million Dollars Is Better Than A Steady Job on Retire By 40

Joe really makes a wonderful case against my generation. I couldn’t beleive that 67% of my peers said they would rather have a steady job than a million dollars. So I started asking people I know, my friends, my family, people I work with all around my own age. All but one said the same exact thing (so 90% of the 10 people I asked said the job was better than the money) even after explaining what you can do with a million dollars (putting it into dividend stocks with a 3% interest will give you $30,000 a year for doing nothing) they still said the job.

I was so upset about my own generation, and even more about those who are close to me saying this, which is another reason I wanted to start this blog because if I can help one person start down a path to financial freedom than this whole thing will be worth it.


What a wonderful week, not only in the blog posts but also in a test I did with my ride share driving that I’ll share with you later. How did your week go? Any blog posts that you think I should read but didn’t (keep in mind these are just a few of the ones I read only so much space on here). Look forward to hearing from all of you.

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