Favorite Childhood Books

My love for reading came from a young age. Living in a tiny town that didn’t have a library made us eligible for a program called books by mail. Because of that program I was introduced to many wonderful books I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Here are just a few that I read over and over.

The Maze In The Heart Of The Castle

The very first book that I ever read more than once, in fact I may have read it 3 or 4 times in one year alone.

The main character loses both of his parents, and to help him get through he goes to a place he heard about long ago. He is warned that once he enters he will not be able to come back the way he went in, and that he would have to find the exit.

He takes that risk and through a long hard trip he finally makes it to the exit with the help of a friend he meets along the way.

Unfortunately this book is hard to come by, it’s expensive to buy and last time I checked not available for kindle or audible. To buy new it will cost about $100, and used is still $20 or more. That is far too much to relive my childhood.


Growing up in the northern Maine woods the book Hatchet was an actual possibility. We lived in the middle of nowhere, we had wild animals, we had tiny planes that looked like they could easily crash. On top of that my father thought it important to teach us basic survival skills. Plus I love walking through the woods to me there is nothing more relaxing.

So reading this book and the main character making so many mistakes on how to survive brought me joy and excitement. I mean how could it take so long to get a fire going? Why wouldn’t he have created better weapons for hunting so he could eat? So many things bothered me. Though in the final book, he was more with it, more in touch with nature, and I really looked up to him for that.

Boxcar Children

What kid didn’t dream about having no parents and living on the road? Ok probably not everyone but I thought it would be cool. This book has kids being smart, finding interesting ways to solve their problems, surviving and relying on each other.

Cook Books

Yes even as a kid I liked the concept of cooking, though I was never good at cooking anything other than desserts. Not a bad problem to have unless you’re overweight…

Science books

Yes I was that kid that would get a text book from the library for fun. No I was not a dork, ok maybe I was a little. I loved learning about the stars, how they work, the animals and all the amazing things they can do.

What Did You Read As A Kid?

Let me know in the comments.

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