February Reading List

As I continue in this journey to becoming the “future me”, it is important that I continue to grow in knowledge. Since I know how important this is I read as much as I possibly can every month. My goal is to read a minimum of 2 books a month (which with working a full time job, volunteering, driving for Lyft, and freelancing I think is reasonable).

Every month I will give the rundown of what I read, and focus on one book that I feel was the most practical book.

Books Read

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Will It Fly? By Pat Flynn

Favorite For The Month

The focus of this month for me was Will It Fly?, I’ll dive into why in a moment. First however I will be giving a few extra copies away that I purchased if your interested  click here and sign up.

I have been listening to Smart Passive Income for close to a year now, I started at episode one back in June of 2015 and caught up to where they are now. Because of listening to this podcast I wrote on Hubpages, started driving for Lyft, and started selling on Amazon. These many things are helping me to become the future me I know I will be.

So when Pat released a book I had to get my hands on it and even pre-ordered the book for some bonuses he was offering. Like a free t-shirt, two webinars with pat, and even a personal letter from Pat thanking me for purchasing the book.

2016-02-27 12.18.54
This shirt was a bonus for pre-ordering the books. Shirt looks good but wow do I look like a mess
What I will Apply

The book starts off explaining the reason and name for the book. It then goes into explaining what an entrepreneur is and how that kind of lifestyle. He has exercises that you do before you start planning a business that helps you realize what’s important to you. Instead of trying to build a business that will simply make money (which this book will help you do) you build a business that is for you and the life you want to live.

After the initial exercise he then goes into specific exercises, and techniques to design and build a business. I used the mind mapping to decide some of the things that I’ll be posting on the site here in the months to come, I’m also going to use the technique to not only build a niche site but to come up with a product and try to create income from that.

What’s great about this book is how Pat does every exercise along with you, one exercise that seemed scary to do but I did and am so grateful for is the “what is your superpower email”. Basically you send out an email to friends and family asking them what they feel your superpower is and then you wait for a response. I sent mine to several friends, family, and coworkers and was surprised with the answers. At first I was terrified of this but I now think everyone should do it, it lets you know what you’re good at which when trying to build a business is a major factor,



This is a book that I will read again and again, every time I’m going to start a new endeavor and follow each step, I also plan on creating a business using this book and documenting the whole thing so look forward to that.

If you haven’t heard of Pat check him out here, and if you are interested in entering into the drawing for one of the extra copies I have click  here. It’s my hope that everyone learns as much as they can so that they too can become the future them that they want to be. So please spread the word about the giveaway so more people have the opportunity to win it.

Going back to last month, I didn’t get to read the books I had hoped too. So this month I’m taking the one I didn’t get to read and adding it to this month’s list. So my goal for March is to read The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, How To Write Copy That Sells, and Living The Seven Habits.


What do you think of the books I was able to read this month? Any suggestions for other books I should read? What did you get to read in January?

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  1. I haven’t heard of Will it Fly, but read a portion of How to Win Friends a few years ago. For some reason I never finish those types of books. I’m currently working on a similar challenge – I’ve challenged myself to read 200 nonfiction books. Last night I started Peter Thiel’s Zero to One, so far I’m loving it.

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