How To Destroy Retirement By House Hacking With Chad Carson – Episode 23

The real estate market isn’t going anywhere.

10 years after the market crash, people are still making a living with it. In fact, that’s when some people got there start.

Even still, so many are terrified to get started but would love to.

Chad Carson is a real estate “mogul” though I doubt he would call himself that.

On this episode, we learn how he got started, and how you can do the same.

Today we discuss

How to get started with house hacking.

Where you get your education.

How many houses will you need to look at when your first getting started.

How to decide what kind of life you’re living.

What to do when even you don’t think you can do something.

And so much more.

Sites Mentioned

Bigger Pockets
Coach Carson


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Episode 2 – Jason Fieber
Mortgages By Linda

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