How To Get Started Selling On Ebay – 014

I have successfully sold nearly $100,000 in inventory on Amazon, but I’ve made not 1 penny selling on eBay.

Today’s guest is the opposite, he has made a nice side hustle for himself selling on eBay and makes $400 or more each month working very little hours.

Today we discuss

Is it too late to get into the eBay world?

How can you get started selling on eBay?

What makes a great listing?

What are some things that sell well?

What are things that don’t sell?

How can you be sure your item will sell?

What helps your listing get more visibility?

What are some must-have tools for selling on eBay?

Can eBay replace your 9 to 5 income?

And So Much More

Sites Mentioned

The Butler Journal


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The Butler Journal

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