How To Manufacture Profit For Your Business Using Facebook Ads

You can’t run ads for my business.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard that.

It is only rarely true.

The truth is EVERY business can run ads and make money from them.

Here’s how.

Ads for bloggers

When you think of blogging and growing a following you typically don’t think of running ads.

Or, if you do it’s after you already have a brand, following, and significant income THEN you start putting money behind it.

The truth is though, that you can actually use ads to spring your blog forward.

There are many ways you can monetize a blog, affiliate marketing, AdSense, courses, etc. All of which require that you have eyeballs on your site.

Yes, the best kind of eyeballs are your fans, but in the end, if your focus is just on making money then any ole eyeball will work.

If your goal is to grow your email list, you can send people directly from Facebook to sign up for your list.

If you want an article you wrote a long time ago to get more views, again, Facebook can do that.

The great thing is, if you are just focusing on increasing traffic,  you’ll also gain email subscribers at the same time. Which, if you’re doing your email marketing correctly, could really explode your blog too.

Ads for small brick and mortar businesses

When you think of advertisements this is typically what you think of.

You’re driving down the road and you see a billboard on the side of the street advertising a restaurant.

You open the newspaper and every page has an ad for some lawyers office.

While listening to your favorite radio station or podcast an ad comes on for laser hair removal (is this really that big a thing, someone please explain it to me).

This is what has worked for literally a hundred years. But, in the tech age that we live in we can do so much more.

What if you have a pizza place and would like to NOT send your ad to people who are gluten or dairy free?

What if you’re a personal trainer who wants to only work with people already fit and trying to get to the next stage?

Or, what if you’re a jewelry store who only wants to target those who are newly engaged?

With Facebook ads you can target that specifically; making it so your ads aren’t just in front of everyone, they’re in front of the right person!

Ads for online business

This is, of course, my favorite kind of business, as you can work from anywhere.

This could be a service you provide, a software as a service (or SAS), or anything else that requires only an internet connection.

Who are your ideal customers? What kind of things do they like?

Do you have a list of existing and past customers? If you do, you can create what’s called a lookalike audience. It’s an audience similar to those who have already done business with you and sends your ads to these new prospects.

Why I Started FB Ad Company

I did not set out to create a Facebook ad agency. I started getting into Facebook to grow my own business.

I had spoken with Bobby Hoyt, as well as several other big names and saw how they were using Facebook ads to grow their businesses.

After I started using ads to grow my own business a few of my clients asked me to start doing the same thing for theirs. So, for an additional charge, I was able to help them as well.

Soon, I stopped working on my own business to focus on growing others. And then the Facebook ad agency Party Of Three Productions was born.

How can you hire me?

If you have thought about starting to use Facebook ads, or you just want to chat about it, I offer a free 15-minute consultation call. Just click here and schedule yours.

If you want to go right to work and fill out the on-boarding survey, click here.

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