How To Never Retire But Feel Like You Did With Tom Sylvester – Episode 027

Retiring in your early 30’s is the goal of many, but how will they get there?

Today’s guest had the goal of retiring at the age of 35 and started one business after another to help him accomplish that.

Now, he lives the life of his dreams and has complete control over his time.

Enjoy this interview with Tom Sylvester.

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Today We Discuss

Getting started in the stock market takes money if you don’ t have money you need to get it from somewhere.

Had an idea that would generate income and his wife said no. That didn’t stop him, nor did it ruin their relationship.

You don’t need to pay a ton of money to get started with a business.

Figure out your first step, research whatever that is, then do it. “Starting now is better than starting later, even if the times not perfect”.

Pay yourself, even when you’re starting, that way when you hire people you pay them less than you paid yourself so you can afford to run it.

Give yourself options, if you get a boss you don’t like, or the economy takes a turn and you don’t have a job, you have something else.

Do one thing at a time, don’t start multiple businesses at the same time. Get one thing going, then work on the next.

What to look at first when hiring a team. (It isn’t their skills or experience)

You’re never going to know everything, don’t let that stop you from taking the next step.

And so much more!

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