How To Satisfyingly Answer “What Do You Do?” As A Business Owner

When I worked as a Pharmacy Technician it was so easy for me to answer people when they asked “what do you do”?

Now, people ask that question and I have to come up with an answer. It doesn’t really have a title.

I usually say “I work for myself” and then “I run an online marketing company”.  Both of those are true, but it doesn’t really answer the question. Not only that, but there is SO MUCH MORE to it than that.

So, here are all my current ventures, and the basics of what they are.

Facebook Ads

This sounds simple to explain, but some people still ask.

Facebook ads not only help to get more likes on Facebook, and grow your following but you can do so much more with Facebook ads.

Do you run a cleaning business? Are you a personal trainer? What about a realtor? Own a restaurant? Or a million other businesses.

You could use Facebook ads to grow your business.

Facebook has an amazing algorithm that helps get your advertising costs as low as possible; however if you don’t know how to use it, it can feel overwhelming.

This is where I like to step in. People hire me because they don’t have time, expertise, or both to successfully run their ads.

So, I speak with the client, find out as much as possible about their audience and then set up the first part of a sales funnel for them.

Whether that’s generating more email list subscribers, or directing attention to a blog post, or initiating a sign up for a phone call, we convert a cold audience to warm lead.

Amazon FBA

I have spoken at length about Amazon FBA. This business is a great one if you have more money than time. Even if you have just a little money it can be a great side hustle.

Essentially, you buy things for less than they are selling for on Amazon, buy them, then send them into Amazon to sell.

Amazon then handles the rest. For real. They handle shipping to the customer, customer service, returns, etc. and you collect the profit!

There is so much more to it than that. But that gives you an idea.

For me, I am pretty “hands off” this right now.  My wife and assistant take care of the majority of the goings-on with this undertaking.


This used to be a term you would use and people thought you were a crazy person.

When I first started blogging in 2015 so many people told me that it isn’t a way to make money, it isn’t a “real job”, etc. etc.

Now though, I think people are really starting to understand that you actually can make money from blogging.

That being said, it all depends on how you monetize.

I have ads on my site, but honestly, I’ve never seen a single penny from that as there is a threshold you have to reach before you get paid and I haven’t met it yet.

I also have affiliate links in my articles that give me small amounts of income. I have made some money from this over the years.

But, the number one way I make money from this blog right now is through gaining clients.

People come to the site, and hire me after reading something I’ve written. And depending on what they need one client can provide hundreds to thousands of dollars.

So, now you have it, you know what it is I do for work, how I make money.


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