I Would Rather Be In Debt Than…..

I have spent a lot of time in the last two years thinking about the large amount of debt that I have accumulated. A lot of googling things like “how to get out of debt”, “how to save money”, and “how to make more money”. A lot of the articles I found did help however I’m still in debt.

Now, this is for a number of reasons, first I didn’t really take seriously the debt that I was in, I also didn’t make a debt repayment plan. However, even with all of that I would still rather be in debt than lose a few things. Good news for me though is the things I would rather have don’t require much if any money.


First a foremost is my family. I have my wife who is my companion, my support, my wall, my best friend, and more than one sentence can explain. Without her I wouldn’t be able to spend time working on this site, or trying to make money on the side, or really anything I’m doing now. Because of that it is important to me that I spend as much time as I can with her and do things that she enjoys.

I don’t much like going out of the house, I’m really a homebody who could spend weeks in my house and never feel like I need to go anywhere. As long as I have good food (which I can cook myself), books to read (plenty thanks too a few sites), and a TV for when I don’t want to think I’m good. My wife on the other hand enjoys going out to eat, she enjoys going to the beach,out to movies, to shows, shopping, etc.

Because I love my wife I am more than willing to do these things with her (as long as too much money isn’t spent). So I would rather be in debt than not have my wife, she is so important to me that any amount of money, and/or debt is worth having her.


Friends are as important if not more important than family. In fact some people are so close as friends that they really are family. Because of these I find it important to not only find good friends but to nourish that relationship.

What’s important when finding and choosing who your friends are is to find ones who share the same values as you. If you are trying to get out of debt and you have a friend that has maxed out 5 cards and got number 6 and wants to go out on the town to celebrate the new card, that may not be a friend you want to have.

If though you have a friend who is in debt and also wants to stay at home and have dinner, or do some cheap or free activities that you both enjoy, you may have found a keeper in the friend category.


My health is something that I think about often, I’m only 26 and have had more tests done then some who are in their 40’s or 50’s. Just a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with diverticulosis, which I don’t fully understand but has something to do with pouches in the colon (sorry to gross anyone out here).

When the doctor told me that I had this, she said two things that struck me. Number one is that this is only found in the USA, yes other countries don’t have this problem. Second, is that it’s typically found in people in their 50’s or older and very rarely in someone who is in their 20’s like me. Though this isn’t life threatening (as far as I know, if it is and I’m ignorant please email me immediately) it is something I have to deal with.

It’s because of this and other reasons, why I think you’re health is one of your biggest assets, and if I’m willing to spend time, money, and effort on getting to financial independence, than I should be even more willing to do the same to get healthy.


It is my utmost goal to get out of debt and start saving for early retirement as soon as humanly possible. That being said there are some things that are more important than getting out of debt.

We all need to take some time to “smell the roses” as it were and enjoy the life we have, or get healthy and make sure we can enjoy the life to come.

What do you think, are there things that are more important than getting out of debt? What are you willing to deal with having debt for? Let me know in the comments

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10 thoughts on “I Would Rather Be In Debt Than…..”

  1. This is key. I think that sometimes in our quest to better our finances, we lose track of these things and become workaholics. Obviously the health thing can shorten your life, but there are studies showing lack of social capital can shorten your lifespan, too.

    1. I have such a problem knowing when to stop working and start spending time with my family (wife). I have found that getting up early in the morning and working on this site has really helped

  2. I completely agree. I would much rather live life in debt than be without family and friends. That’s not to say I’m going to abandon the notion of being debt-free just so I can appease my friends and family when they want to have fun, but I would definitely make exceptions to some of my rules when they come into play.

    Great post!

    1. I agree completely that you shouldn’t abandon becoming debt free. In fact I think that if you focus on the other things (family,friends,health) that you will be more encouraged to get out of debt because you have a good reason to get out of debt.

  3. I think health is a great thing to point out – personally, I’m terrible about going to the doctor unless I feel like I’m knocking on death’s door or a limb is pretty much falling off. In reality, I know it’s better to spend a little on preventative care than a small fortune fixing a major problem later on in life.

    1. I hate going to the doctor, fortunately I work in the medical field and have a good relationship with a few Doctors who can usually help me with a simple phone call. Even still I avoid talking about medical things as much as possible

  4. It’s true that money can’t buy health once you’ve lost it and in some of our cases, my own and Abby at I Pick Up Pennies, money wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcomes of our situations. But having spent so much time and effort in living well below my means to pay off the debt that was a shackle around our ankles, I viscerally cannot choose to be in debt to have something else! My soul shudders at the thought – debt is to me like garlic is (supposedly) to a vampire!

    So it cannot be a zero sum game for me – I have a spouse who enjoys socializing so we find a way to satisfy that need without debt. I have great friends all over the country, and we find a way to maintain our friendships without debt. We’ve got an amazing kid and dog and we find a way to take care of them without debt.

    We do have a mortgage and that’s debt but that might be the only debt I can be resigned to, and not for all that long, because of the aversion to debt I’ve developed 🙂

    1. It’s all about balance. Not the balance of “everyone is in debt”, or “you have plenty of time to get out of debt”. It’s about finding you’re why, if I have to pick between being in debt and having friends,family, or my health I’ll remain in debt. Truth is though that if I focus on making my relationships better and my health better than I will be even MORE determined to get out of debt because I’ll want to be able to enjoy those things more than I’ll want to remain in debt. Being debt free is freedom, you have to make much less to pay your bills which means you can spend more time doing the things you want rather than paying for the things you have already done. Thanks for commenting today

  5. I couldn’t agree more that family, friends, and health are more important. Unfortunately I didn’t do enough to take of my health when I was younger, and now it’s costing me in more ways than one. Getting out of debt is important to do, but it’s not the most important thing and it’s good to keep it in perspective!

    1. I still am young, but very unhealthy (by my standards) and am working now so I don’t have to worry about that later. I started a running program this week that will hopefully help shed some pounds but more importantly give me more energy to do things. And if I have more energy the more work that can be done in order to make the money to get out of debt.

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