I’m The Most Disorganized Person I Know

Organization is important. Without it we wouldn’t know where cups, plates, or bowls are. We also wouldn’t know where our computers, files, and other essential things to do our jobs. The problem? I’m terrible at being organized.

How I Was At My 9 to 5

I worked for a pharmacy for nearly 11 years. The first thing I had to do everyday was make sure my area of work was neat, clean, and organized. I would clean counting trays, get rid of papers, fix problems, all before I would start filling prescriptions. It was important to me that this was done because I couldn’t focus and get anything done otherwise.

How I Am Working From Home

Though I was a pain for many at work about organization, where I live is another story. Now my house is clean, I don’t like filth, but clutter doesn’t bother me as much when I’m home.

The problem though is that I’m now living AND working from home, meaning that the house that has some clutter in it is now my office that has clutter and it makes it more difficult for me to work. It’s not the only reason, as Netflix does get in the way sometimes, but mostly it’s that I’m overwhelmed.

How I Will Get Organized

So it has become apparent to me that I need to focus on keeping the house and in turn my office organized so that I can continue to do what I’m doing and be successful. Here are a few of the things I’m going to use.

Content Schedule

I’ve heard about the content schedule over and over but haven’t really created my own. I’ve tried, I’ve written everything down and planned out for 3 or more months out, and then I don’t stick to it. Sometimes I become to overwhelmed, other times I lose my nerve in posting an article that should be.

A content schedule should help me to do this and so I will be using one in the future, despite its past failures.

Tools I’ve Tried

I’ve downloaded Asana, and used Google Calendar for keeping up with my schedule. I don’t like either. Asana feels like to much, that I don’t need and can’t really get it to work properly. Maybe I’m not smart enough since everyone says how simple it is, but I just don’t like it.

Google Calendar on the other hand works great, other than I’m already using it for both my personal calendar as well as my wife’s. We link the two of them and we both know what we are both doing.

Tools I Still Use

The only thing I’ve ever been able to keep up with is using a desk calendar and manually writing everything down. It sounds much more complicated but to me it’s the easiest thing for me.

I Couldn’t Do This Without My Wife

The most honest thing is my house and my life wouldn’t be as good as it is without my wife. She helps keep everything clean and organized and she deserves better than the little help I give her.

How Do You Keep Organized?

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