I’m Going To Start Working Out On Monday… Again

I am not healthy.

I’ve never been healthy, and looking at my family history I really need to focus on health.

So, for 2018 that will be a focus, not a goal, or my life. Here is how.

My Health History

I have always known I would be overweight and unhealthy. My family isn’t skinny and many of the men have heart attacks by the time they are 50.

I Was A Fat Child, A Fat Teenager, And Now I’m A Fat Man

Looking at pictures I wasn’t “fat” but I was pretty big. I haven’t grown an inch taller since I was 12 years old, but I’ve always had a stomach on me.

As a teenager, I continued to grow the wrong ways. I would eat whatever I wanted when I got it and it was never anything healthy.

Pizza, fried foods, cookies, and a strong dislike of fruits and vegetables maintained my overweight physique.

When I got older I wanted to get in shape, and have over the years gone on a yo-yo of weight. I’ll lose 20 pounds and gain back 30 and do this over and over again.

I Was Healthy…Once

There was a time in my life, however, that I was healthy. I didn’t really change my eating habits, but I was working out for an hour or two every single night.

I would start each workout with about 100 pushups and a number of other things that sounds impossible now that I haven’t worked out like that in years.

What got in the way then and made me stop was work.

Work needed more time, and so something had to go. I was young and wanted the money, and thought I was in great shape I’ll get back to it.

I did not.

My Future Self Is Healthy

I’ve constantly been that guy who is “starting Monday”, but not anymore. I’m starting today and you are all my accountability partners.

I just got off the scale and measured my fat percent and BMI with a new tool I got for this my Omron Fat Loss Monitor HBF-306C and here are my numbers… be kind.

Weight: 273.8 lbs
Fat % : 37.4%
BMI: 41.6

There it is, again please¬†be kind to me I’m trying to be brave and make this public.

But here at IATFM we don’t look back and think “I’ll get this done next month” we look to see how we can get it done NOW!

So, I have a trainer, which I’m going to start listening too. I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables, and I’m going to start running again.

I know from personal experience that if I try all of this at one time it will become too much work and nothing will get done.

So for the first few weeks, I want to just start running again. I’m not going to focus on diet or anything else I just want to get out and do at least 2 runs this week.

When Will You Find Out How I’m Doing?

Around the end of each quarter this year I’m going to have a “health update”.

Not only will this give the weight, fat %, and BMI but I’ll also talk about what I did and how I did it.

Also, if you follow me on facebook I’ll be doing some more things in there keeping track more on a weekly basis of what I’ve done. Please follow me there and cheer me on.

Will You Join Me?

I would like to get as many people involved as possible, so if you would like to join me, whether you are reading this the day it goes live or 3 years from now, please comment and let me know you ‘re joining.

If we get enough people I will start a private Facebook group where we can cheer each other on even better.

For now, if you’re joining, just pick one thing to better your health this week. It can be as small as drinking one less soda this week and let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going To Start Working Out On Monday… Again”

    1. Esteban, So nice to hear from you. Being consistent in anything is difficult. When it comes to musical instruments one thing I’ve heard is how easy is it to get to and practice? For a piano, would you have to clean off the seat or find the music before playing it?

      I play saxaphone and will be getting a stand so that I can have it out at all times so it’s easier for me to play. Thanks for stopping by.

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