January Reading List

As I continue in this journey to becoming the “future me”, it is important that I continue to grow in knowledge. Since I know how important this is I read as much as I possibly can every month. My goal is to read a minimum of 2 books a month (which with working a full time job, volunteering, driving for Lyft, and freelancing I think is reasonable).

Every month I will give the rundown of what I read, and focus on one book that I feel was the most practical book. 

Books Read

The School Of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Blog, Inc: Blogging for Passion,Profit, and to Create Community by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Jow Dominguez

Favorite For The Month

The School Of Greatness really resonated with me. This book doesn’t simply talk about making money through business, or simply better your relationships. It touches really in every area of your life, how you can make yourself the greatest version of yourself possible.

The main thing about this blog is just that, making you the best version of yourself, so because of that I chose to feature it this month.

What I will Apply

“You can go as slow as you need to go but you cannot stop”

For me I know that getting out of debt is my current main goal. I didn’t get into debt over night and I won’t get out of it over night. That being said I know that I need to make forward movement, never stopping, even if I only end up paying off $10 dollars in one month of the debt at  least I’m going in the right direction, at least I didn’t stop.

This applies to everything in life, for instance my freelancing career. I have yet to get a paid job, but that won’t stop me from moving forward attempting to get that first job.

“If achieving dreams was easy then everyone would have done it”

As of 2014 34% of american households are in debt, and I’m one of them. It isn’t easy to be a debt free family, that’s why I know I have to work so hard to get there.

Starting an online business, freelancing, real estate, or any other way of making a living isn’t easy, and most won’t do it. That’s why I have to put in the work and follow through and be willing to achieve my dreams of being debt free, working for myself, and becoming financially independent.

“We keep doing the same thing, oftentimes blaming external factors for our dissatisfaction”

We all have made mistakes, we can’t go back and fix them, but we can make sure we don’t make them again. I kept saying “I want to get out of debt” and then was spending WAY to much on things I didn’t need. I would say things as “I HAVE to buy that” or “it’s not for me so it’s ok to spend the money” or “my wife spent all my money”. The truth is there are very few things I HAVE to buy, buying other people stuff is a nice thing to do but not necessary, and after doing the numbers my wife always spends the exact amount she said she would I’m the one who goes over budget.

If I keep blaming others for my problems than I’ll never become the future me I need to become.

“You can’t hit a game winning grand slam until you have players on base”

I don’t yet run a business that requires me to higher employees. But if I consider my life like a business I need to have a great support team in place in order to reach my goals.

My wife is my rock, she supports me when I think no one else is, she helps keep me level when I have no idea where to go. Without her I wouldn’t be half the man I am. She is a great team mate to have and one I couldn’t live without.

I also have great friends that I can go to that help me reason on things and figure out the correct course to take when things seem to difficult.

Even though this isn’t a business, my “team mates” are the reason I’m able to do everything I do.

“Sometimes you just have this inner voice that compels you. It’s your future self to your present self saying follow me this is who and what you were meant to be”

This is a beautiful statement, and fits in perfect with this blog. We are given options in our life, and we need to make decisions on which option we will take. After carefully looking over all the details sometimes we just have to go with out gut. This is how you become the best “future me” you can.


Lewis wrote a wonderful book that will be read again and again by myself. I’m going to go through it next time with a highlighter in order to make notes and make changes in my life. If you haven’t read this book and would like to click here I highly recommend that you do.

I have lined up the books I intend on reading next month but we will see how many I get to read. My goal is to read How To Win Friends And Influence People, Will It Fly?, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

What do you think of the books I was able to read this month? Any suggestions for other books I should read? What did you get to read in January?

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4 thoughts on “January Reading List”

  1. I haven’t read this book yet but it’s on my very long “to read” list 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you like reading about blogging, I’d recommend “Blog for Profit” by Ruth Soukup (probably spelling her name wrong).

    1. I haven’t read that book yet but it is on my list. I have started using goodreads and bookbub and have so many books on the list currently that I will take more than a year to get caught up.

  2. I commend you for managing to read those three books as well as working two jobs, volunteering and blogging! The School of Greatness sounds very good. It is important to keep on reading so we can develop our knowledge. I definitely need to make more time for self-development / reading.

    1. It is a struggle for sure, but a important one. Buying out the time to read is important, I do so before going to work in the morning and during a lunch break at work.

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