Learn The True Value Of Money With Paul Vasey – Episode 29

Wouldn’t you like learning about finances to be fun? Something you want to do, rather than something you have to do?

With so much information out there it can be overwhelming, but today’s guest has found a way to make it not only simple but fun.

Please enjoy this interview with Paul Vasey.

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Today We Discuss

If you understand something you can explain it.

Student debt and people living paycheck to paycheck is at an all-time high. We want our children to live better lives than us. Teaching them is the best way.

People don’t value their money, so as soon as they start getting paid more they start spending it.

Learn the value of money. Harder to earn it than it is to spend it.

What to do with your money BEFORE you start spending it.

Are the rewards worth it on your credit card?

You don’t have to go out and make more money to have more money.

When walking into the grocery store, know exactly what you need and what you’ll get. Create a meal plan

There is so much information on how to cut costs, but you just have to do it. Just like getting healthy, you know what you have to do it, just do it.

When in the grocery store, put just one item back. Take how much you saved from putting it back and put it in your savings.

Are you really “saving” money when you spend less on something. If the electric budget is $100 and is only $60 put $40 into a savings account.

And so much more!

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