Look to Others For Motivation Not Comparison

When I started down this career I looked to people who are already doing it to help me. Many times it lead to depression as “there’s no way I’m going to make as much as them”. But the truth is I should look to them for motivation and not comparison.

Looking at others and comparing yourself is so dangerous. There are many reasons they could be in the situation they are, let’s look at a few ways it could be.

How Long Have They Been Doing It?

Most of the popular people have been writing, podcasting, or running a business for years. If you’re just starting you can’t expect to have the same success as them.

They put in their time, focus on that. You are going to have to do the same thing. You won’t be able to have thousands of views on your site day 1. You won’t have Amazon sales in the thousands right away, it takes work and time.

Their Situation Is Different

Are they single? Have kids? Have roommates? Have a house paid off? Everyone has a different situation. Some have the ability to go all in on their business because someone else is paying most of their bills. Some have to go full in because they lose their job and have no other choice.

Focus on your situation, some may have similar situations that you do but don’t focus on that just focus on what you can do with the situation your in.

They Don’t Have Debt

This really falls under a different situation type thing but debt is important to me. Some people started a blog or business on the side to help them get out of debt. Some start it because they want to reach financial independence and are out of debt.

If you have debt and are constantly reading sites of people who have been out of debt for years, it may feel like you should be out of debt already. But it takes time, even when I thought I would be out of debt hasn’t happened, and right now I’m at a loss as to when it will be.

Motivation Not Comparison

Following others is important. It helps guide us as to where to go next, it helps keep us on track.

Looking at others and comparing ourselves can make problems worse. We may think you need to be in the same place, or worse may think we’ll never get there and stop altogether.

Looking for motivation is better. Thinking it’s a goal to reach rather than something you must have now can keep you working towards that goal.



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