What A Night To Myself Looks Like

I’m a social person. The idea of being home alone by myself sounds terrible to me, no one to talk to no one to hang out with, no one to drink scotch with. But, there are many times I am home alone and find myself not wanting to waste that time.

Read Or Listen To A Book

Living in another world through a good book is one of the most amazing things anyone can do. On top of that you can learn from reading non-fiction books on any topic.

Though I love feeling an actual book in my hands, often it’s a kindle version or audible. Why I love listening to books is because I can get other things done. I can cook dinner, clean the house, get laundry done, check Facebook, or whatever else I want.

Binge Watch Netflix

Here’s the thing about me, I’m a nerd. I love to read and learn about finances, I watch science fiction movies, I read science fiction, I am a nerd. I’m not ashamed or hiding it. So one of the things I’ll do when I’m home alone is watch seasons of my favorite shows.

I love anything Star Trek (other than the Enterprise show, that was garbage) with DS9 being my favorite. In fact that’s running in the background as I write this article (one of the reasons it’s getting done so late).

Catch Up With Friends And Family

My brother works nights and is usually listening to podcasts and audio books while he does it. But, he is also able to talk while he works and so very often him and I talk and catch up. I will also call other family members, text and call friends, send some emails I’m long over due for things like that.

The most important things are the relationships you have, so there is no point in growing a business and growing a lifestyle you want if you lose your relationships.


A lot of time is spent working or thinking about work. And with my wife having off during the day I usually have to work at night while she is working. We live in a small one bedroom house with cheap rent which is great for our finances, but it’s not so great when I need to concentrate and get work done.

What Do You Do On Your Nights Alone?

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