The One Course I Used To Start My Freelancing Career

If you had asked me a year ago if I could make money sitting in my pajamas at home, I would of said no way. Now I often work at home but how?

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What Has Changed For Me?

This is due mostly to my different income streams I’ve spent this year building. One of which is freelancing, and this is how I did it.

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What Will You Learn?

Gina takes you from wanting to be a freelancer to actually being one. She goes through how to create your own business through an LLC, how to create a portfolio, who to pitch, how often to reach out to them and so much more.

One major thing I learned from the course was that the amount of emails you can send one person is way more than I thought it was. I was under the assumption that 2 to 3 was the max before you become a bother. Gina tells you that you can send more than that, a LOT more, and gives you the reason why.

She gives you templates on how to pitch even giving you ways to make it easier, you really put a lot of work up front to create them but once their done they can essentially be used forever.

Most important, she is going to teach you how to start making money right now. The course is 30-Days or Less To Freelance Success, and to be honest I got my very first client the same day I purchased the course which has now turned into a regular client that actually helps pay bills.

Will It Be Worth It?

Like I said I got my first client the first day of buying this course. That one client got me a regular weekly writing job paying me $50 as well as a one time spruce up of the site making me $200. So the first month working for this one client made me $400 WAY more than what I paid for Gina’s Course.

So yes it’s going to cost money, but it’s MORE than worth it.

Why You Should Go With Gina?

With so many other courses out there why should you pick this course above others?

First, Gina has done it. She isn’t like me who has a few clients she has so many clients she is having to turn them away. She makes enough money from her freelancing that she doesn’t need to do anything else.

Second, she is very straight forward and easy to understand. Sometimes people who are very good at things can’t really explain it to people who have never done it. Not true with Gina, she explains everything in simple ways anyone can understand.


If you have ever even considered starting a freelance business, rather for a side hustle or full time, than this is the course for you. The price is right, and it’s only available for a short time.

To get started click here, and sign up. You won’t be sorry that you did.

And as a special for anyone who signs up through my affiliate link I will give a free 30 minute coaching call with me on Amazon FBA. So don’t waste time the course is only open for a about a week.

By this time next year if you sign up for this course, then you too may be able to make money at home in your pajamas.

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