The Push From Hobby To Business

I recently switched from full time employment and a side hustle, to my side hustle being my full time employment. A lot of people think that it’s easy to do what I do, and maybe it is, but it did take me 2 years to be able to make the plunge.

Here is how I was able to accomplish this goal, and maybe it will help you reach the same goal.

Work When You Can

Most people work an actual 9 to 5 schedule, to me that would be easier to start a side hustle from. For me though I had a schedule that was different week from week. So, I had to decide when to work on my side hustle based on my full time job. If I worked in the morning at my job I would work on the side hustle at night. If I worked at night, I would work before going to work.

Weekends were also filled with work for me, sometimes working 12 or more hours each day on the weekend. Between shopping trips to the store, writing articles, pitching clients, and learning how to do everything I had plenty to do.

The bottom line is, there will be sacrifices. You will have to give up reading, Netflix, even family time to grow a business. Whenever possible include your friends and family in the process, my wife loves going shopping for Amazon merchandise though she slows me down.

Find What’s Working And Double It

Once you have found the time to work on your side hustle you need to grow your business.

There is so much to work on all the time, but not everything will grow your business. Take for instance my initial tries at growing a business.

I tried to write for hubpages, take stock photography, and drove for Lyft and Uber. Two of those side hustles brought me absolutely no income, so I dropped them and focused just on the one.

Rideshare driving allowed me to get money together to start this website, as well as start my Amazon business. Once the Amazon business started making enough money that it can pay some bills I then put even more work into it until it became a 5 figure business.

Though I don’t drive for Uber or Lyft as much anymore, or at all, I continue to grow my Amazon business.

My freelancing started slowly with one client who paid next to nothing, to now where it has at times been my largest income source.

Those two income streams bring in 95% of my income each month so those are the two I focus on the most. I spend most of my day writing and looking for Amazon merchandise because I know they bring in the most amount of money.

When you find what’s working, put everything into that and see how quickly your side hustle will become your full time job.

Decide When To Leave Your Job

After you’ve been working for a while you may feel it’s now time to quit your regular job. That may be but keep a few things in mind before you do.

First, make sure that you have at least made your monthly income for a few months. Not necessarily in a row but that will help. Once may be an accident, twice a fluke, three times though you may be on to something. If you have done it 4 months or more than you can be certain that you can make enough to leave your full time job.

Second, have a buffer. You need to have money set aside, working for yourself will have good months and bad. Make sure you have enough money in the bank that you can pay your bills for a while, just to make sure you feel comfortable.

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