Pushing The Right Button For Financial Independence

Have you ever seen the staples “easy button” commercials? In case you haven’t here is one I found on YouTube.

Now besides that making me laugh even years after I first saw it, it really shows the way people feel about life.

They want a button that can be pressed for them to get what they want.

You’re the same way in some respects, when you search something in Google, you want the results NOW. You don’t like waiting, in fact Google even tells you how long it took (About 19,800,000 results (0.28 seconds).

We have become a society that wants things now, our finances are no different.

How People Treat Their Finances Like An “Easy Button”

Many people get into debt feeling they deserve things now.

“I’m going out this weekend I need it to relax, I don’t have money so I’ll put it on the card now and pay it later.”

“I need a new computer, this one works but I need a new one. I can buy it now and pay it off a little every month until I finally own it”.

Our cars are the same way, most of the time people buy cars the question they ask isn’t “how much is the car?”, it’s “how much are my payments?”.

Some people go into debt because they either lose a job or someone in the family does. Forcing them to pay bills with credit (note that if a emergency fund was in place they would have another option. That however, is a topic for another day)

Whatever the reason for people’s financial woes, when they come to realize the situation they are in how do they try fixing it?

Yet again, they want it “now”, they want a shiny button to push that will fix all their problems.

Buttons People Press To Get Out Of Debt

People apply for cards with 0% interest on balance transfers *raises hand in guilt* but then max out the cards they just transferred the money off of *raises hand in guilt again*.

Some do the same thing with consolidation loans. They get the loan giving them just one monthly payment, causing them to have that “now” feeling. Then they put things on credit again thinking they need something now and that they will pay it off in the future.

So, how do we fight off this need for “now”?

Fight The Feeling Of Now

First we need to acknowledge a few things. We didn’t get into debt over night. Odd’s are that you didn’t go from no debt to thousands in debt in a single night or weekend, though possible.

We also need to acknowledge that, we alone are the problem and we alone are responsible for fixing it.

Next we need to discover what is causing us to miss the mark, to “need” to use debt.

Do emergencies seem to always come up? Build an emergency fund.

Do you need the newest gadget? Save for it.

Do you want to go out with your friends? Invite them over instead of going out.

Do you need to impress that significant other with a nice dinner? Have a nice home cooked meal, the ability to cook is much more impressive than going to a restaurant.

Any one of these could be the problem, or maybe it’s a combination of all of them.

Whatever the case is for you, start looking into the cause of the problem. If you are looking for any type of “magic button” that would be it. Once the cause of the problem is dealt with, then the debt will almost seem to melt away.

Take the steps now, there is no shortcut, there is no “magic button”. Start a debt repayment plan, start some side hustles, and have fun. Life is much more fun when you realize that their are no magic buttons.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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11 thoughts on “Pushing The Right Button For Financial Independence”

  1. That is a funny advert! Sadly, in life there is no real magic button and if we want results, we have to get them the hard way. I totally agree that when it comes to debt, there is that feeling of not wanting (or being able) to wait for something and identifying that this is a problem is the first step many people can take to get out of debt.

  2. Great post. It gets right to the heart of it… actually two things. We want stuff “now” and we want to fix our mistakes the “quick and easy way.” That’s how so many scams and rip offs exist – people will pay for the easy way (“Why eat healthy when I can buy weight loss pills?” – “Why work hard to build my blog when I can buy this magic software that will bring in thousands of leads?”).
    P.S. Thanks for choosing my post last week as the featured post on Financially Savvy Saturdays!

    1. So true, working in a Pharmacy so many people would rather take pills than do things like eat better and exercise for their health.
      No problem picking your article it was a tough choice but I really liked your article.

  3. I am guilty of wanting things now, putting it on my credit card and than expecting the balance to magically disappear. I am still working on paying off my debt and I remind myself that I will be debt free soon. Also, sometimes I use the 30 day rule, where I wait and if I still want it than I purchase it. Most of the time I end up forgetting about the item all together.

  4. UGH! The car payment thing gets me every time! When we bought our Terrain, every dealer we went into wanted us in a $25-28k model, and I kept saying, that’s really not in our budget. Then they would counter with, “Well, what kind of payment would get you into this car?” And I would laugh and say… $50 a month. HA! Then I would leave and say, this isn’t about the payments. I’m not that kind of buyer. Sorry.

    Great post here!

  5. I think the closest thing to a financial “that was easy” button is having a healthy emergency fund. I hate dipping into it, but when I have to, the feeling is something like “that was easy” or just intense relief that the situation was sorted so quickly in an ok way.

  6. Preach. We had to build our income so we could do things like build an actual emergency fund and save, but it’s the exact same concept. It took years, but you have to get started on the hard path so you’ll eventually be able to put your good habits towards something other than survival mode. And totally worth it.

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