Q2 Business Update

It’s hard to believe that 3 months have gone by so quickly. It’s also hard to believe I accomplished so little in that time.

That’s not to say I’ve done nothing in that time, but as you will see I haven’t accomplished what I set out to.

Q2 Goals And Results

In the Q1 review I didn’t really set out my goals like this, but moving forward I think it will help me, and you, see exactly what I’m working towards and keep me accountable.

Post 1 Blog Post And 1 Podcast Episode Every Week

This year started off so well with my posting schedule. I was able to produce something for you every week. One blog post, and one podcast episode. But as it stands right now I haven’t released any new content in 3 months.

As I write that, I can’t believe it. But the facts are the facts.

I could tell you it’s because I’m working on some behind the scenes project that I’ll soon be releasing, or that I just ran out of things to talk about.

Neither though would be true.

No, the truth is I’m afraid, much simpler and complex.

I’ve been a little depressed, and uncertain of my purpose of running this site and podcast. I’ve questioned if anyone at all is listening, anyone cares, if I care.

After going to Podcast Movement 2018 and explaining what my business is and what I do, or what I’m trying to do, it really showed me how much people love what I do. Some even asked why I haven’t been posting, when will I start again, etc.

So, with renewed excitement and a more narrowed focus, I have every intention of being here for a long time to come.

Increase Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is one of my dreams of running an online business. I love providing helpful inciteful things for you to read and learn, but running this site and all I do takes time and money. But, I don’t want to sell things just to make money so I have picked a few affiliate programs that I think are valuable to you.

That being said, though I am head and shoulders over last years numbers on affiliate marketing, I’m still far below the thousands I wanted to be at. Again, this has a lot to do with the lack of value and content I’ve brought to you lately.

Start A Facebook Ad Side Hustle

Now here is something I haven’t spoken much about on the site.

Earlier this year I took a course created by Bobby Hoyt and Mike Yanda on creating a Facebook Ad Side Hustle and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

One of my existing clients took me on to also run their Facebook ads which has been a great experience. I’m now looking for 1 or 2 new clients to increase my income (more on this in Q3 goals).

What Happened In Q2?

The first few days of Q2 started so well, but then I went to Maine for a funeral. I’m hoping this is the last funeral I have to go to for a while.

Once I got back I got right to work and worked hard on my podcast and blog for about 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, I lost steam and stopped working so much on my business, in fact, I now know that what happened was I got comfortable just doing client work and Amazon FBA.

My client work has never been larger, in fact, I spend more than 90% of my time working on other peoples business’ helping them grow. I love doing this, I get to work at home, make home cooked meals for breakfast and lunch, spend more time with my wife, and numerous other things.

But, it doesn’t grow my business at all. The money is good and so it lulls me to sleep in a way that I don’t feel the need to work on growing my business.

Q3 Goals

With the first month of Q3 done, and most of the second, it’s hard for me to honestly look at goals knowing I only have 1 months left to work on them, but here goes.

Relaunch The Podcast And Blog

Starting with this post, I plan on going back to a more regular schedule. I’m not going to promise a weekly post, but I will be getting a weekly podcast episode (likely starting in September).

Writing takes time, I can’t fake it, and I don’t want to write things just to write them. I really want to provide value to you, something you can take from an article and make a change in your life.

Maybe it’s a new business side hustle you start, or you really do finally start a new diet and get in shape, maybe you cut up your credit cards and make that first debt payment.

Whatever it is I want to provide value to you. Even though that means posting more regularly than every 3 months, it doesn’t mean posting every week. My goal is to post at least 1 new article every other week.

I’m also open to guest posting on the off weeks so if anyone is interested please reach out through the contact me page.

Grow Amazon FBA Business

Passive income is the dream.

Amazon FBA is not passive, but it is as close as I’m going to get at the moment.

This may seem greedy but I would like to triple my sales from last year in this. Right now I’m a little less than double the sales I was at last year.

One of the main ways I’m going to increase this revenue is by getting help. My wife is now interested in helping more and more with the business and this is something she not only enjoys but is very good at.

Find New Clients

As I mentioned earlier I would love to find some new clients. This may sound a bit off, since part of the reason I haven’t been able to grow my own business is that of the client work I have.

But, I have an assistant now who is capable of taking on parts or all of the work herself while I work on other stuff. For instance, I can write this article as a rough draft and she can come behind me and polish it up so it sounds good (which she just did). – (Thank you, Rebekah)

If I have more time then I should find more revenue sources, and the main one I want to work on at the moment is Facebook ads.

I’ve taken the course, I’ve even hired a coach who is literally holding my hand through the process and I’m hoping by end of Q3 I have 2 or more Facebook ad clients.


Working for yourself is interesting. Some days you feel like you are on top of the world that nothing can go wrong. Other days you feel like the world is falling apart and nothing you do will ever work.

I’m hoping with good planning, good support, and good execution I have more good than bad days.


One thought on “Q2 Business Update”

  1. I just wanted to give you a little bit of an encouragement because I think you’re doing a great job. I recently came across your website and after reading few post I noticed we share some very similar approach-mentality when it comes to managing finance and career.

    You have great self-awareness and you’re constantly reflecting to see how you can improve on your games. I have no doubt that you’ll figure things out. Remember that success always comes after A LOT of struggles. It sucks to hear that you’ve been depressed but I think you’re at a point where if you just keep going at it, you’ll break-through!

    Keep up the good work!

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