Quarter 1 Health Update

Quarter 1: Health Update

A few months ago I announced I was finally going to work towards being my future healthy self.

I’ve spent that last 3 years working on my financial future self and I’m finally starting to reach many of those goals. Now, the time has come for me to get healthy and be not only the financially secure future me, but the healthy future me.

Quarter Update

The first three months of this year has been crazy. I have travelled to other states, gone to conferences, started a podcast, hired an assistant, started a new project, and volunteered more of my time to religious things than ever before.

I have been busy. I’ve also tried to take time for my health. I am no longer eating gluten. Though while in Ohio I was a bad boy and ate a lot of it. But, I paid for it dearly as my body now rejects gluten almost as soon as it enters.

I started juicing as well not sure how I like it but may get a new juicer that will be better.

I started running, then stopped, then started again. I was sick a lot in the last 3 months, and the pollen has been so bad it feels like you’re swimming in it.

With all of that, I was able to make some progress. And even though there is little change in the numbers, my clothes are looser and I feel a lot better.

Starting Numbers 1/18/18

Weight: 273.8 lbs
Fat % : 37.4%
BMI: 41.6

Current Numbers 3/26/18

Weight: 270.00 lbs
Fat % : 35.9%
BMI: 41.1

The Positives

The numbers are going the right way.

My clothes are fitting better, and I feel a lot healthier.

I’m able to go with less sleep, not 3 hours of sleep “less sleep”, but I don’t feel exhausted all the time. I actually have energy throughout the day and night, in fact, some nights I can’t fall asleep because I have so much energy so I get a little bit more work done.

The Negatives

The numbers didn’t change that much. I could have stayed outside and sweat that much weight off in a day if I wanted to.

My younger brother who started after me, and at a much higher weight now weighs less than I do. Not really a negative but something to think about.

The Next 3 Months

Now that I’ve gotten the healthy habits down. Things like not drinking soda, eating more fruits and vegetables, and not eating so many sugary things, it’s time to really kick this thing into gear.

My buddy Ron has an amazing service where you just follow the app and you’ll get in shape.

I’m starting that today and will follow it for the next 3 months. I told him I don’t have much time, and would prefer to do most of the work in my own house and he came up with workouts that work with me.


2 thoughts on “Quarter 1 Health Update”

  1. Hi Tyler,
    Thanks for sharing these numbers, and you’ve inspired me to do the same on my website, mrceliac.com . I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been and crossed a milestone. I’m motivated to drop some fat and maybe pickup some muscle.

    What tools are you using to measure your Fat % and BMI? I’m using a Fitbit Aria now to measure weight and calculated BMI.

    Please feel free to drop in an Amazon Associates link or two and I’ll check out what you are using and recommend.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Phil,
      Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words. As for what I’m using, it’s the Omron fat loss monitor(Affiliate link).

      I only use it once every 3 months when filling out this article so the next one will be in June, but it’s really encouraging to know that even though I didn’t lose much weight I lost a good percentage of fat.

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