Quotes That Help Me

We all need inspiration to help get us through. Whether that’s setting goals, being content, or having mantras we live by we need help. Here are some quotes that help me focus on what’s important in life and how to get it.

“If You Will Live Like No One Else, Later You Can Live Like No One Else” – Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey has helped millions get their financial life together (#GYFLT as Erin would say). He has his baby steps, his “Dave hustles”, and the debt snowball. But, this quote I think is my favorite.

It’s so easy to look around at friends and family my age and see what they have that I don’t. It’s also easy to see how they’re, for the most part, as far as they’re going to be. They aren’t going to be able to save more than they are, or get out of debt, or even live without debt. Sure they have newer cars, TV’s, and gadgets than I do but I’m going to be debt free and living the life I want and they are stuck.

“Your Net Worth Is Not Your Self Worth” – Unknown

I first heard this from Melanie over at Dear Debt. She was doing a call and helping us be motivated to reach our goals. I had been focused so much on making money that the idea of not making more was driving me crazy. Melanie helped me see that the amount of money I make doesn’t define me.

I could be homeless living on the street, or Bill Gates living in a mansion and it wouldn’t matter. Money doesn’t make the person unless we let it so I have to make sure that I’m the best person I know how to be. If money comes into my life it will be used as a tool and nothing more.

“So, Having Food And Clothing, We Will Be Content With These Things” – 1 Timothy 6:8

The scriptures are a comfort for billions around the world. This particular verse really helps me to realize that I have my basic needs. I have a home, it’s small and sometimes difficult to maneuver running my business in. I also have food, it’s not always the finest but I don’t starve.

With that in mind what more could I need? What more can I ask for? Sure, I have things I would like. For instance I would like to get a new laptop for work. Right now I do everything on a Chromebook I got off of Groupon. And eventually when the business does a little better and I’m feeling more comfortable I will upgrade. But, in the meantime it does the job.

“You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

Friends and family are the most important thing to me. I wouldn’t do any of what I do without the help and support of those around me. But people can drag you down as well. If you have ever had a friend or family member that’s always negative you know what I’m talking about.

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